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TV Recap: Workaholics, ‘Hungry Like the Wolf Dog’

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In this week’s episode of Workaholics, Adam, Blake, and Anders answer the call of nature. This season of the hit Comedy Central series has found our beloved protagonists venturing outside of the confines of their dreary telemarketing jobs and finding adventure in the outside world. Thus far, it would seem that only a few episodes this season have really had anything to do with work, and that the majority of this season has been focused on the guys copious consumption of illicit substances, which in turn fuel their idiotic yet thoroughly entertaining misadventures. And that is exactly where we find our heroes at the beginning of this week’s episode.


In the opening scene, we see Anders, Blake, and Adam competing with one another in a hybrid version of “Dungeons and Dragons” which has less to do with wizards and elves and more to do with taking massive bong rips and chugging pitchers of beer. Now, you might be asking, “where does the D&D part enter into all of this?” They have incorporated the ubiquitous D&D accessory, the twelve-sided dice, into the gameplay. In the middle of the gameplay, Adam suddenly disappears. Blake and Anders find Adam in front of the TV entranced by a commercial for what appears to be the ultimate breakfast burrito. To compound the obvious awesomeness of that last statement, the burrito is apparently prepared by an elderly Latino woman who also happens to be blind. This is a recipe for magic as far as the guys are concerned and they devise a plan to take a road trip to acquire the aforementioned burrito. However, there is a catch. There is always a catch. The burrito stand is over 100 miles away and the boys are far too wasted to drive there themselves. So, they make a frantic call to their fellow co-worker, the slightly deranged but thoroughly adorable Jillian, to drive them to burrito heaven. Jillian agrees and they drive off into the night.

Here is where the situation gets complicated. At the beginning of the episode, it is obviously late in the evening, which means by the time that they finally get to the burrito stand, it is the middle of the night and it’s obviously closed. They must find a way to kill four hours before the stand opens. Adam, who is the living embodiment of “the little guy syndrome,” is hell-bent on proving to everyone how far he can toss a keg across the parking lot. After a lackluster performance, Jillian asserts that she can do far better and tosses the keg across the parking lot. Sadly, the keg lands on a parked car, popping the trunk and releasing an angry dog trapped inside. The gang runs for their lives into the nearby woods, and in their panic they fall into a ravine. After assessing the situation, Blake and Jillian are able to climb their way back up the hill and out of the ravine. However, Adam in unable to do so, and Anders agrees to stay with him while they find another way to meet up with Blake and Jillian.

At this point, the storylines split between Adam and Anders quest to find safe passage back up the hill, and Blake and Jillian having nothing to do while they wait. The Adam and Anders plot line is fairly predictable, but funny nevertheless. Anders, as always, is trying to take control of the situation, whereas Adam is doing everything in his power to ruin things for the both of them by being the self-involved egomaniacal child that he is. That might sound harsh, but if that wasn’t their intention with that character, then maybe I’m missing something. The more interesting plotline, in my opinion, involves Blake and Jillian. While they wait alone in the woods together, it becomes obvious to us (although not to Blake initially) that Jillian has a crush on Blake. This is really heartwarming for a number of reasons but in simple terms, they both have a child like innocence to their characters. It makes it seem as though you are watching this situation unfold between two little kids in a schoolyard, with the little girl being hopelessly in love with the little boy who is only concerned with doing gross things and being completely oblivious. They eventually get to the point where they are about to kiss, when Blake totally blows it. This is as close to romance as you are going to get on this show.


Anyway, they all eventually meet back up and make their way back to the burrito stand. However, the angry dog is still waiting for them in the parking lot. Anders decides to take a stand and faces off with the dog, being armed only with a sharpened stick. The scene jumps to the gang sitting at a table eating their burritos and being less than impressed and with Anders being covered in what we can assume to be dog blood. Lovely.

This was yet another great episode in what has probably been their best season to date. The possibility of a Blake and Jillian coupling is totally believable and I hope it comes back into play later on in the series. Out of the three main characters, Blake is the only one who doesn’t seem to be completely wrapped up in himself all of the time. His only flaw, as far as finding a girl is concerned, is that he’s kind of a little kid. And that’s why Jillian works for him. She’s way too crazy for most people, but she and Blake just kind of work. Looking forward to next week’s episode, which according to the preview has something to do with Karl (their drug dealer) and Anders involved in a ménage a trois. So…that should be interesting.

Check out Workaholics on Comedy Central Wednesdays at 10pm. All Photos Credit: Comedy Central

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