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Beauty on a Budget: Winter Clearances Are Your Best Friend

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For this installment of Beauty on a Budget, I’m going to take a slightly different approach to watching your wallet. Although we already started taking steps towards spring fashion with the last post about Fashion Week — a step back to winter for maximum savings is key for great savings.


With the beginning of the new season mere weeks away, spring looks are just waiting in back rooms for their grand entry into store’s front-and-center displays. This means that stores need to make room on their floors. Instead of holding over items that may not make it fashion-wise and room-wise until next season, these items meet some deep, deep discounts savings that you can bank on.

This doesn’t mean that you have to hoard a lifetime supply of puffy jackets and gloves. If a store is downsizing their stock, the chances are you’re downsizing your closet as well. However, what you may find are some nice pieces that will carry you into the spring until it gets too warm to wear an extra layer.

Over the next weeks and days, be sure to check out your favorite store and scope out its sale racks for some items that can take you into spring. As we’ve covered before, not everything is going to translate to a different fashion season. Typically, though, the basic sweaters and light jackets can roll over into the next month or two.

Take a look at Macy’s. Just a click onto the clearance banner on the homepage reveals a lot about what they’re trying to offload this season. Tank tops? Girl, you might need those! Sweaters, though? Get those out of here before Punxatawney Phil changes his mind and brings six more weeks of winter.

macys printscreen

That was easy, wasn’t it?

The one downside? You may not find your size. Depending on how popular an item was, the “good” items will be quick to go. If you wait too long to head out, chances are the ungodly sights of haunted clearances past will be all that’s left on the racks. For the love of God, don’t buy something just because it’s cheap, a winter leftover, and in your size.

Did you find any amazing deals this shopping trip? Make sure to share them in the comments, and don’t forget to Google for a coupon before you go!

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