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TV Recap: Workaholics, ‘The Line’

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On this week’s episode of Comedy Central’s Workaholics, the boys finally get back to work. Literally. For the majority of this season, we have seen Anders, Blake, and Adam in various situations that range from the great outdoor wilderness to fancy nightclubs. However, for a show with the title “work” in the title, they’ve spent a lot of time out of the office this time around. This is not to say that the show has suffered because of it, when in my opinion, this has been one of the strongest seasons the series has had to date. What I do miss about the office setting are the hilarious characters that we don’t get a chance to see very much of in the episodes that take place outside of work. For example, the always hysterical and furious Montez gets some time to shine in this episode when he angrily confronts Blake over the salmon cream cheese that someone stole from the break room.


In the opening scene of the episode, we observe Anders and an attractive goth girl named, Jenny, heavily making out on the couch. The situation is almost certainly heading in Anders’ favor, when Blake, Adam, and Karl suddenly burst through the front door. Adam and Blake are in full zombie costume and make up and are chasing Karl who is riding a dirt bike into the living room with a sword strapped to his back. Jenny, who has had enough for one night, promptly leaves. Anders, understandably pissed, asks the meaning of all of this nonsense. Adam and Blake explain that they are gearing up for the release of the hotly anticipated video game “Code of Ronin: Undead Apocalypse” which comes out the following night.

They next day at work, co-worker Jillian stops by the guy’s shared cubicle to ask Blake if there is any way he can cover her duties as Alice’s secretary/doormat for the day. Blake regretfully turns her down because he has already planed to leave work early himself so he can secure a prime spot on line at the video game store for the midnight release of the new game. Jillian then flat out confesses that the reason she needs to leave early so she can go see “Walking With Dinosaurs: Arena Spectacular.” Jillian explains that it has always been her dream to live “in Jurassic Park times” (which would be in the year of the film’s release, 1993). Blake relents and Adam agrees to hold Blake’s place on line until he gets out of work.


Adam leaves the office and quickly gets lost trying to find the video game store. He calls Blake who tells him to look for a line of people dressed like zombies. Adam stumbles upon a line of disheveled people with various sores and scabs and he figures he’s in the right place. What Adam has seemed to miss is the sign advertising that the line is for a clean needle exchange, which makes all of these people on line junkies, save for Adam. Adam tries to strike up a conversation and propositions one of the people on line for some pot. A few junkies notice his large wad of cash and usher him into a nearby alley whereupon they all smoke a huge joint that’s been laced with PCP. When the junkies try to take Adam’s wallet, he begins to hallucinate that the junkies are zombies and that he is trapped in the undead apocalypse. He makes a break for it and is pursued by the junkies/zombies. Meanwhile, Blake shows up at the video game store and can’t find Adam anywhere.

Back at the house, Anders is preparing for the arrival Jenny, who he has miraculously convinced to come back over with the promise that Blake and Adam would pick her up a copy of the new game as well. Things are going all right for Anders when Karl unexpectedly shows up at the door and persuades Anders to let him install a tiny camera in the air vent in his bedroom so he can relive the sexy action between he and Jenny later on. Inexplicably, Anders agrees to this inane suggestion, but unbeknownst to the both of them, Jenny has heard their entire conversation. She entices both of them into the bedroom under the pretenses of an assumed threesome. Jenny tells Anders and Karl to strip down and start fooling around with one another, like they would do with her. They agree and start engaging in some truly horrifying heavy petting. Jenny then blindfolds Anders and tells him that she is going to shove her panties in his mouth, much to Anders’ delight, but shoves Karl’s disgusting underpants in there instead. Jenny steps up onto a chair and removes the hidden camera from the air vent. She tells Anders that if he ever calls her again, she’ll put the video up on the Internet. And if the indignities suffered by Anders weren’t enough, Blake doesn’t even end up getting the video game. Honestly, this entire episode has been an emotional rollercoaster, with its promises of awesome video games and kinky sex only to be met with utter disappointment in both instances.

In the closing scene of the episode, we see Anders and Blake taking turns hitting Adam with tennis rackets and skateboards because he’s still very high on Angel Dust and can’t feel a thing. No matter how terrible their day gets, at the end of it they can still take comfort in their mutual friendship. And drugs. The drugs certainly help. You know, in a way, it’s kind of touching.

Check out Workaholics on Comedy Central, Wednesdays at 10pm. All Photos Credit: Comedy Central

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