Beauty on a Budget: Four Colors to Rock this Spring

stella morrison likes a good pop of color …


The drab, more basic basics of winter are starting to make their way back into the closet, which means that it’s time to pull out the new spring vibes! This spring, we’re not going to focus on cut or pattern or style. It’s all about the color!

Big, bright, and bold colors are supposed to put us in a good mood. That’s exactly the kind of reflection that the change of the season has in most of us– no more cold, no more layers, no more gray days. Now, let the sunshine break through! The flowers are coming back! Leaves are beginning to bud! And throughout all that happy and positive change, the very colors we’re wearing will evolve.
We’ll highlight four colors that should make their way into your wardrobe.

Color #1: Bright Purples
This royal color is making a royal comeback this season! We’re not talking deep purple-red hues, either. We’re talking pops of pretty purple to punch up that pair of pants (enough alliteration for you?). Colored denim has been around for a while, but denim can be a pricier commitment if you look in the wrong places.

H&M has these pants in a cornflower blue (don’t be fooled by the color name; they are definitely purple!) for only $12.95, sizes 2 to 16

Color #2: Lemon Zest
Now, there’s a big difference between a little sprinkle of sunshine and taking a bath in highlighters. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know the difference when they hear that yellow is the new in-color. It’s just like the food that the color family suggests: just enough of lemon zest brightens any dish, but throw too much in, and you may run the risk of going bitter and sour. In that vein, try an accessory in this pretty color. An infinity scarf is a good idea. One size fits all, color “Citrus,” from Gap

Color #3: Jewel and Sapphire Blue
Just like the purple, we’re not talking about the deep navy that cries out for blizzards and subzero temperatures. These shades of blue are big pops of color that truly can become the centerpiece of an outfit. It’s loud enough that the rest of your outfit can remain quiet and subdued. Wrap yourself up in a cardigan – “featherweight” is the key term here for just enough weight for a windy day- that says you’re happy to be here, and you’re happy to look cute braving the winter chill — $59.50 at J. Crew.

Color #4: Lean, Mean Mossy Green
It’s not quite true green, and it’s not quite pastel either: the mossy green is a perfect color to wear this close to Easter. The green is reminiscent of the budding flowers and trees, the walks in the grass, and all other outdoorsy things that we’re all yearning to do when the sun comes out. A flowy top will be a great addition to a pair of jeans on a casual day outside — sizes s-xl, on sale for $35.99 at Macys.

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