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Beauty on a Budget: Sunglasses

stella morrison returns with a look the best summer eyewear …


The summer sun is bringing around some fresh new summer shades– and what a good excuse to grab a few pairs! This year’s dominating trend is a revival of 1960s and 1950s fashion, which is evident in whichever model you pick up this season.

If you’re anything like me, I lose or break my sunglasses constantly. For that reason, I’m always hesitant to drop a lot of money on them. Typically, I don’t pay more than $15 or $20, since I know how much abuse my frames get– and how careless I can be. Check out these cheap alternatives that will keep your eyes shaded and your wallet cool.

Frame Shape: Round
Round frames in sunglasses are making a comeback. The favorite shape and shade of hippie Halloween costume wearers everywhere, designers like Jil Sander brought the design back as part of a general revival of 1960s-inspired wear. Not feeling the round, or just not ready to commit? I’d recommend staying away from the shaded shades- the literal rose-colored glasses- and sticking with a bronze coating. Try these round lenses with a twisted frame, $16 at Urban Outfitters.

Frame Shape: Bold and Off the Beaten Path
Yes. Unusual is now a shape alongside square, round and parallelogram. Designers got very creative this season in the quest to create something different, and the results are very interesting. From this gem to this oddity, anything goes in sunglasses world. However, there’s no need to break the bank on the designer versions of these shades, especially since they’re not going to carry over past the season. Unfortunately, though, the more unusual the sunglasses, the more upscale the designer. Try for something bold, affordable, and of course, reflective of the 50s and 60s revival that is defining the new eyewear. Try these turquoise and thick square-shaped sunglasses, $5.80 from Forever 21.

Frame Shape: Cateye
Can you imagine an iconic woman from the 1960s without these stunners? The cateye, from eyeliner to glasses, screams the glamour of 50 years ago and is the token cornerstone of the 60s inspiration and revival in women’s fashion. Easy to wear and easy to break out for any outdoor occasion, the cateye is a classy go-to. Pick up a pair that you’re going to like for a while– I think the cateye is here to stay. $16.99 from Target.

Protip: Stylized for both men and women, wayfarers and aviators are a timeless and classic choice. Knockoffs are everywhere, though- from the supermarket (!) to the discount store, a simple pair of wayfarer knockoffs or aviators can be found anywhere. If you don’t have my penchant for losing/breaking sunglasses nor the limitations of a cheap wallet, consider going all out and picking up the original Ray-Bans.

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