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Pretty Little Recaps: ‘Cat’s Cradle’

kelly duncan gets in the cradle …


As always, the questions are piling up and we aren’t getting too many answers. One of the biggest questions of the week: Where is Mona? The Liars don’t seem to care because they don’t trust her at all, but I am incredibly curious. I’m confident that she’s not back on the A-Team, which can only mean something bad has happened.


Spencer had a lot on her plate this week. Not only was she on phone duty, trying to find out who is on the other end of the mystery phone number, but she was also helping Toby do some snooping about his mother. Toby had given “A” Mona’s RV in exchange for information about his mom’s death. He received the transcripts and medical records from his mother’s doctor, detailing her suicide. Spencer and Toby break back into Radley in order to go to the very spot where she supposedly jumped to her own death. They realize that there is no way that anyone would be able to jump from this window and are convinced that someone must have pushed her. It’s obvious that Radley has something to hide.

Emily is seeing a doctor because of her injuries from last week’s episode. When she mentions having a bad reaction to painkillers, the doctor checks his records and notices that she’s never been prescribed any. Family services are called in when the doctors notice all of the time that Emily has spent in the hospital. Although each incident clearly has nothing to do with Mrs. Fields, we all know “A” is quite capable of making it look like otherwise. Poor, Mrs. Fields is “A’s” latest target.

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Emily isn’t the only one dealing with the after effects of their earlier run-in with, “A.” Aria has started dating, Jake, her super-hot, self-defense teacher. Is anyone else noticing a pattern here? Unfortunately, I think we can all agree that this isn’t going to last. First of all, she’s clearly still missing Ezra. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be? And second, there’s no way, “A” would let any of the Liars be happy.

Hanna is starting to worry that her mom may have killed Wilden. She found her muddy shoes hidden under their sink and when she asked her mom about it, she lied to her. It’s understandable if Hanna’s mom did kill him. Wilden was harassing Hanna and Ashley for years. However, I think that it would be far too obvious of a choice in a show that nothing is ever obvious. Making matters even worse, Hanna spotted the “murder board,” created by the detective handling Wilden’s case. The board has photos of the liars and their families all over the place linking them to Wilden. This could prove bad news for almost anyone. Luckily, Detective Holbrook doesn’t seem to be half the ass Wilden was.

While Spencer and Toby are investigating over at Radley, Emily and Aria discover a mask that looks just like Ali in the box of junk Mrs. DeLaurentis gave them. They call Hanna and Spencer, but when Spencer’s a no-show the girls go to the studio where the mask was made without her. The artist remembers Ali and says that he will answer any questions they have, as long as he is able to make a mold of Emily’s face. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to assume that that mask will be used against Emily later on. Hanna wanders off to do some snooping through the rest of the studio and she discovers a bust of Melissa’s face. Talk about unexpected. Now the question is, did Ali follow Melissa there? Did Melissa follow Ali? Or did they go together? Only time will tell.


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