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Interview: Charlotte Sometimes

jason kundrath gets ‘warped’ with the former Voice contestant and current Warped Tour performer …


To those of you who love music but haven’t watched a single episode of The Voice, I have a message:

You missed something spectacular.

Pumped Up Kicks - Charlotte Sometimes

I’m speaking about the spectacular Season 2 finalist Charlotte Sometimes. While she didn’t win the competition, she turned lots of heads (including all four celebrity judges at her blind audition), made thousands of new fans, and gave folks from New Jersey another reason to be proud of their home state.

Thankfully, her star remains on the rise, as this 25-year-old Wall, N.J., native has released Circus Head, a stellar five-song EP that serves as a perfect introduction to her undeniable talents. It’s one thing to have solid vocal abilities. It’s another thing to have a voice with serious attitude, defined character, and enough power to knock you over. And it’s an entirely different thing to possess the ability to write original songs that win you over on first listen and allow such a great voice to soar.

From the commanding pop-rock opener “Brilliant Broke and Beautiful,” to the sexy, dance-floor dynamite of “Second Best,” to the stark, string-laden “Paint The Sky,” Charlotte Sometimes doesn’t let a moment go to waste. It’s all wow. All the time.

Pop-Break had the opportunity to ask the songstress a few questions about her past, present and future as she prepares to perform at The Warped Tour which’ll roll into the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey on Sunday July 7.


Pop-Break: Can you recall the moment you realized you were an artist and there was no turning back?

Charlotte Sometimes: When I was 14 years old I made a choice. I remember thinking this is what I am going to do, no matter what.


PB: What was the tipping point? Was there a particular event of significance that inspired this choice?

CS: I think that I just thought to myself if I don’t believe in me, no one else will. So I took a bet on myself and that’s how I’ve always lived my life.

PB: In what ways did your experience as a finalist on The Voice change you?

CS: It gave me more confidence in my ability. I think you get shit on so many times in this industry, you start to get down a bit. So the validation was really nice. Also having a taste of what it would be like to be on that level.

PB: What has the Acoustic Basement part of The Warped Tour been like so far?

CS: I don’t jump on it until this weekend. But I am super stoked. I gather it will be a different experience than my last Warped Tour run. I am looking forward to the change of pace and seeing if people resonate with it.

PB: How stripped down is your set going to be?

CS: It’s just going to be me and my guitarist. I will also be playing a little guitar as well.

PB: The songs and recordings on Circus Head are outstanding. Were you the sole songwriter? And who was in the producer’s chair?

CS: Thank you so much! I co-wrote the whole EP and produced it with Jay Levine (Today Kid)… except “Stranger,” which I wrote/produced with Blueprint.

PB: Are you planning a relatively prompt follow up? Is there a full-length in the works?


CS: I am releasing a live acoustic EP this fall, and then hopefully a full length later in the year.

PB: Does your New Jersey upbringing factor into your identity as an artist?

CS: Yeah … I am definitely on the sassy side and you can thank Jersey for that! haha. Also, it’s a very musical state, so I was always around music, which was really nice.

PB: Do you think today’s digital culture and the new music landscape makes it easier or more difficult to be successful?

CS: Oh gosh! Both I think. Being an artist means so much more these days, and that can be a daunting task to take on. However, there’s a lot of freedom to be able to reach your audience so easily. I think it can be a great thing if you want it to be … or it can be the opposite depending on how you work it.

PB: You obviously have the talent. So what’s the plan for world domination?

CS: [Laughs.] You know step on all the little people it takes to get to the top! Nah. Who knows … I’m just living and playing it by ear.




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