Pretty Little Recap: Under the Gun


There is no shortage of drama in the Marin household this week. As you may recall last week Hanna was busted trying to bury a gun that she found in her mother’s closet. Hanna’s father, being a lawyer, is now back in the picture trying to keep Hanna out of jail. Obviously, it would make things a lot easier if she could just tell her parent’s that, “A” was back, but she’s already gotten the threat. If she says anything, “A” is going to take down both of her parents.

Ashley tells Mr. Marin all about her sordid history with Wilden and that he was trying to blackmail her. She said she did threaten him with the gun, but he took it away from her and after that she has no idea what happened. Sadly, the truth isn’t probably going to help her any time soon.

Aria’s reputation reaches an all-time low when she decides to lend a helping hand to Connor, one of Mike’s lacrosse teammates. He needs help with an English paper in order to play in his next game. Apparently, Aria is known to be an exceptional writer, so when he asks for her help she is more than willing. Mike is far from pleased when he busts in on them studying in the living-room. Spending time with his friends is just another thing for Mike to be angry with Aria about. It isn’t until the following day that the truest of all high-school dramas takes place. Mike confronts Aria about hooking up with Connor. The allegation rightfully pisses off Aria. She storms off and good old Mr. Fitz, unable to shake his protective boyfriend instincts, follows not too far behind.

Aria confronts Connor in front of his friends, laying out the facts. He kissed her, she pushed him off and he left. That’s when Connor calls her a slut and dares to bring up her “rumored” relationship with Ezra with him standing right behind her! Ezra tells Aria to leave the locker room and gives Connor a stare that clearly rattles him. I use this word probably more rarely than any other word in the English language, but it was straight up sexy. Where, oh where were these English teachers when I was in school?

Mike is feeling like a bit of a horses’ ass for believing any horrible thing about his sister, and when he finds Aria at home crying he promises to make it up to her. Later on, when Connor is stuck on garbage duty at The Brew, courtesy of boss lady Emily, he finds someone vandalizing his car. While it is clearly possibly that it could be Mike’s doing, I think we all know who is really behind it.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Toby take a trip to a bizarre little town called, Ravenswood, hoping to earn back some trust with the rest of the liars. Mona blew up Spencer’s spot big time and told everyone that Toby is the one who gave up Mona’s RV to “A” and that she has been covering for him. Since the RV probably had some proof that Hanna’s mom didn’t kill Wilden, the liars are pretty angry with Spencer.

Now, to emphasize just how strange this town is, once Spence and Toby crossed the town border the style of the show changed and all of the colors were much duller and less saturated. Although, the cult like actions of the townspeople would’ve been enough to tell us this place wasn’t quite right. After speaking to Mrs. Greenwald, who denied ever knowing Ali, Spencer was outside and some strange song starting playing over a PA system that played throughout the town. Everyone started blindly walking to a tombstone in the town graveyard. What makes this even stranger is once there, Spencer noticed Shana in the crowd. Spencer runs to get Toby and tell him what she saw. That’s when he noticed Shana getting into Jenna’s car and speeding away. Spence and Toby get into her car and a raven smacks straight into her windshield leaving a giant pool of blood on her window. They try to chase down Jenna but can’t catch up to her.

I know what you’re thinking. What has Emily been up this episode? For the past few weeks, she’s been the center of attention and now she seems to be laying low and staying out of trouble. Not quite. Emily manages to convince Hanna to fork over the only copy she has of the video from Wilden’s dashboard camera. This is important because at this point it seems like it could possible provide the feds with a couple of other suspects in Wilden’s murder. Unfortunately, after she makes the anonymous video drop-off, someone else switches the CD. We find this out at the very end of the episode when LT. Tanner, pulls Em out of work to go to the station where she plays her the video. Instead of being the dash cam footage, it is someone wearing a redcoat, a wig, and the mask of Emily that was made a few weeks ago; and she’s holding a sign that says guilty. Just when it looks like the end for Emily, Tanner is called away.

It’s a close call for Emily who doesn’t know what to say, but bad news for Mrs. Marin who is being arrested for murder.

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  1. While Regina has been away at rehab, Daphne has grown closer to the Kennish family, spending her days at their country club and her nights in their guest room. This new family dynamic does not sit well with Regina, who unexpectedly returns home early in hopes of spending more time with Daphne. Bay begrudgingly starts working at her dad’s office and, when her car breaks down near a local carnival, runs into her ex-boyfriend, Ty (guest star Blair Redford, “The Lying Game”), who has returned from serving in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Travis talks Emmett into bringing some girls over to the house while Melody is out of town, and Kathryn’s elaborate ideas for Toby and Nikki’s rehearsal dinner rubs Nikki the wrong way.

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