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Dissecting DEXTER: ‘Scar Tissue’


The Scene of the Crime (Episode Summary)
In the process of discovering the “brain surgeon’s” identity, Dexter discovers that Vogel has been studying and taking notes on his every move. Deb continues to suffer at rock bottom, despite the assistance from Vogel. Quinn lost the sergeant approval from Angel after getting involved with a bar fight defending Deb’s honor.

The Lead Investigator (Favorite Performance)
The last scene between Dexter and Deb in the car was INSANE! When I saw the car go in the water during the preview, my immediate thought was that Deb tried to kill herself but I never expected her to take Dexter along for the ride. Though it makes sense as to why (I’ll explain that more next week as it will be more developed), it still was crazy as hell at first!! It was a fantastic ending to say the least and the best moment by far of this episode.

They Could’ve Spared Us These Gory Details (Worst Part of the Episode)
The worst scene this episode was when Vogel and Dexter discover a stabbed woman in a small cabinet in Yates’ house. I’m totally glad the two did everything they could to try and help her before moving forward with their investigation, but it was awful to see the bloody details.

The Little Thing You Loved
Quinn defending Debra was chivalrous but risky. I feel bad that he put himself in jeopardy, but at the same time I couldn’t help but oogle at how adorable it was. Then, the scene with the two of them at the police station…. it warmed my heart. Despite Deb’s current condition, I’m still holding on to them reconciling their romance!!

The Autopsy (Thoughts on the Episode)
This episode gave me so much anxiety that I was so glad that the Newsroom was on afterwards. I needed that huge breath of air after seeing so much blood, suspense, and tension.

The moment I started closing my eyes was around minute 20 when we caught Dexter in the house of the brain surgeon, AJ Yates. As he was searching through the house for further clues as pertinent to the code, we (the viewers) discover that Yates is in a closed off room, watching his every move. They even almost came face to face with each other for the first time (they wind up doing that later in the episode). That whole scene was extremely nerve wracking!! From that point on, I had so much anxiety as there was so much fricken suspense!!

Also, like I said before, this episode’s ending was just unbelievable, probably the best ending of any episode viewers have seen in a long, long time. I’m really surprised how great this season is going so far. I haven’t been on edge waiting for the next episode since Season 4!


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