Pretty Little Recap: Crash and Burn, Girl!


It’s that time again… another Tuesday, another soapy episode of, Pretty Little Liars.

It’s beginning to get hard to feel bad for Emily. Yes, a lot of bad things happen to her. She’s been attacked by “A” multiple times. Typically, the attacks are physical and end up affecting her swimming. Especially now, missing out on a scholarship is a big deal. However, this girl is seriously bringing so much unnecessary drama into her parents’ lives that I want to smack her myself. First, she won’t tell anyone about how she really hurt herself, causing her mom to get into trouble with child services. Now, she’s stolen the key to Wilden’s apartment out of her mom’s special work lock-box. When the police make the discovery, Mrs. Fields is placed on immediate un-paid suspension. I’m not entirely sure who Emily dislikes more, her parents or “A”.

As you may recall, last week, Connor’s car was seriously vandalized after spreading the rumor that Aria was a slut. Even though there is no proof either way, Aria’s brother Mike is being blamed. Connor’s family is threatening to press charges if the school doesn’t expel him immediately. When the principal confronts Aria about Mike’s past robberies and violent tendencies, Ezra catches wind of it and decides to take matters into his own hands. He pulls the principal into his office and tells him that he is going to tell the school board about the inappropriate conversation he had with Aria about her brother, unless he backs off and stops harassing Mike. Mike basically tells Aria that Ezra saved the day prompting her to go to his apartment and thank him. The ever swoon-worthy Mr. Fitz responds with, “You know I would do anything for you.” I don’t know how she finds the balls to walk away from that face, but alas she does. She may be keeping her distance, but I’m still pretty convinced that this is all building up to an Aria/Ezra reunion.

Onto more serious matters, Hanna’s mom is sitting in a jail cell and not handling it well at all. While Hanna’s convinced that her mom will get out, because deep down she knows that she didn’t actually kill Wilden, Ashley is not so sure. Hanna’s quite possibly handling her mom’s arrest worse than Ashley herself. Things only get worse when Spencer brings the news that she overheard her parents discuss Ashley’s options, and they don’t look good. She can plead guilty and take a 20 year sentence, or plead not guilty and risk being found guilty and spend the rest of her life in jail, potentially even get the death penalty.

This is when the girls decide they can’t waste any time and take that key that Emily stole from her mom’s lock-box. His apartment looks as if it hasn’t been lived in at all, except for the piles of porn next to his bed. It takes some digging for the girls to come across a box from a “fancy mail-order steak place.” When they open the box, they are overwhelmed by the stench of rotting meat that comes courtesy of, “A”. It seems to be that Wilden was yet another pawn in the A-game.

Let us not forget the super-hero boyfriends of Rosewood, Caleb, and Toby. Caleb knows that Ashley’s arrest is killing Hanna and he is determined to find another viable suspect in Wilden’s murder. Together, the boys check out the flight records from the day of the cabin fire. The guy giving them information lets it slip that it was a foggy night during that particular flight. Caleb and Toby figure out that he is obviously more involved with “A” and/or Redcoat than he is willing to admit. They even suspect that he was the pilot. The one thing that he does give-up is the name Cece Drake. I knew that girl was bad news.

The most dramatic event of the evening, yet again, takes place in the Fields household. Just as things seem to be winding down for the night a car comes crashing through Emily’s living room, nearly hitting her mother who is on the phone. It’s pretty insane and I can’t wait to see how that one is explained next week.

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