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Dissecting DEXTER: ‘This Little Piggy’


The Scene of the Crime (Episode Summary)
Deb and Dexter resolve their issues after Deb’s attempt to kill them both in a car accident. Yates (the “brain surgeon”) kidnaps Vogel with the plan to make her one of his victims, until Deb and Dexter find out and work together to stop him. Masuka tries to connect with his long lost daughter. Miller decides to step up and compete against Quinn for the sergeant role.

The Lead Investigator (Favorite Performance)
Hands down, the winner of this episode goes to the scene where Dexter kills Yates with the window drapery. It was officially one of the most intense Dexter scenes in the entire series. Not only that, but the kill went completely outside of Dexter’s typical pattern,, which we’ve barely seen throughout the entire series. It was thrilling and it completely threw the viewer expectation way off.

They Could’ve Spared Us These Gory Details (Worst Part of the Episode)
I think this week, the worst part of the episode wasn’t a specific scene, but the tension and suspense. This week, the Yates situation finally comes to a head, and it was pretty nerve wracking. I’m not a big fan of feet, which is part of Yates’ M.O., so every time he went to touch Vogel’s feet, I felt a churn in my stomach. Not only that, but there were a ton of moments where I was anxious as to what would happen. Can you blame me? I mean. who knows at this point what to expect at this point, the series ending is weeks away!

The Little Thing You Loved
I haven’t really been mentioning this at all over the last few episodes because he’s been a pretty minor character, but Deb’s boss, Jacob (Sean Patrick Flanery) is now starting to become a new love interest for Debra. Or it seems like it anyway… this is all still to be determined, but I absolutely LOVE Sean Patrick Flanery (you may remember him from Boondock Saints AKA one of the best movies of all-time) and I think he’s doing an amazing job thus far. And despite how much I want Quinn and Deb to work out, I wouldn’t mind if the series ended with him as Deb’s suitor. I mean, who could blame her???

The Autopsy (Thoughts on the Episode)
This was an insanely intense episode of Dexter. So intense, that I think I said “I can’t watch” at least 10 times, maybe more.

Like I said above, the kill was the best part of the episode, but the only problem that I had with it was that it ended the story line too early. I know a bunch of other storylines are about to come into the mix (IE: Zach, Vogel, Masuka’s daughter, etc) but since they have only brushed the surface some of with these at this point, I’m really confused as to why that decision was made. It seems there has been a lot of quick story lines over the course of this season and it’s unusual in comparison to past seasons.

I’m really glad that Deb and Dexter have reached some sort of good point. It didn’t seem like that would happen after last week’s events,, but it was nice to see them working together again.We needed a break from all the drama as viewers. It was seriously dragging on for way too long.

Other than that, I’m overall really pleased with Season 8 so far. At this point, I’m pretty glad I decided to stick around as a viewer to the end. I guess we’re going to have to see whether or not my feelings change on this next week!


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