Suck It Up: True Blood, ‘In the Evening’

Check out Marla Pachter’s short and thoroughly frustrated look at this week’s episode.


Well it went a little something like this… Nazis, Nazis, Nazis. Sex, sex, sex. Mourn, mourn, mourn. More Nazi stuff, more sex, everyone being sad about Terry. More trying to get us to care about terrible people. An origin story for Nora to try to give her death meaning. That didn’t work. Yup, just your basic filler episode.

I wish I had more to tell you guys. I wish I had some fun quips about the episode. But nope. Nothing even crazy or weird happened. It was just a super boring filler episode.

I could lie and tell you this was the shortest review I ever wrote, but last year I reviewed the pilot for an NBC show called Men With Kids, and all that review said was, “Just don’t bother.”


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