Pop-Press: Peter Capaldi is the New Doctor


It’s official…

During a press conference today in the U.K. (which was broadcast in the US live on BBC America), it was announced that veteran British actor Peter Capaldi would become the 12th incarnation of the famed television Time Lord.

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who

Yes, that face does look familiar. This summer you saw Capaldi star opposite Brad Pitt in the blockbuster film World War Z in which he played a surviving World Health Organization doctor that Pitt’s character runs into in Wales. (Ironically his character’s name, according to IMDb is W.H.O. Doctor.)

Capaldi is probably best known to many as the foul-mouhed UK diplomat Malcolm Tucker in the hilarious indie film, In the Loop and the series it was spun off of The Thick of It. He is also no stranger to the “Who-inverse” having appeared during the David Tennant helmed Who 4th series in an episode entitled “The Fires of Pompeii” (which also featured future Who companion, Karen Gillan in a small role). He also had a sizeable role in the Who spin-off series, Torchwood’s, third series entitled “Children of Earth” as government heavy John Forbisher.

Capaldi’s 12th Doctor will officially appear in the annual Doctor Who Christmas special in December 2013 when Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor regeneratew.

Check in tomorrow on Pop-Break as our resident Whovian, Jason Stives, will weigh in on the announcement.

image credit to bbcamerica.com

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