TV Recap: Pretty Little Liars, ‘Into the Deep’

Kelly Duncan gives us a pretty little recap.


Tonight’s, Pretty Little Liars had such a ridiculous amount of drama that the only way to talk about it is to jump right in. Here we go…

Maggie springs it on Ezra that she has been accepted into a master’s program at Washington University. Normally, this is something to be celebrated, but in this case, Maggie has made it perfectly clear that Malcolm will be going with her to school leaving Ezra behind. Finding it completely unacceptable, Ezra goes to Spencer’s mom for some help. He is planning to fight to make sure Maggie can’t leave the state with his son. She tells him that his biggest problem will be the fact that his name isn’t on Malcolm’s birth certificate, which means that he will need to establish paternity. I see two things potentially happening here. First, Aria will catch wind of the situation and it will bring her and Ezra back together, leaving her blossoming relationship with Jake in the dust. Second, I wouldn’t be surprised if the paternity test came back negative. Even though we can be pretty sure it’s his kid, “A” can find a way to mess with anything.


Paige trying to be a super supportive girlfriend, schedules a meeting for Emily with a swim coach that is supposedly the best Philly has to offer. The meeting goes swimmingly, and he offers to take her on as a student. When Emily mentions her torn rotator cuff, he takes a step back and says he doesn’t think she’ll be able to get herself together in time for the following year’s scholarships. This puts Emily in a really bad mood, which is unfortunate considering all of the people that are waiting for her at the surprise birthday party Paige is throwing for her at her aunt’s lake-house. When will these people learn? Nothing good ever happens at a lake-house.

Things at the party are pretty intense for many reasons. First of all, Aria has been having a flirtatious relationship with her self-defense teacher, Jake. But, every time he asks her out she rejects him; however, she likes him and doesn’t want him dating anyone else. So when she sees him walk into Emily’s party with a tall, leggy blond she gets incredibly jealous. It’s a side of Aria we haven’t seen since she found out that Ezra has previously been engaged and the ex was trying to get back into his life. The party is a wake-up call and gives Aria the kick in the pants she needs to finally admit that she likes Jake and they have themselves a mini make-out session. Poor Ezra.

Next up, we have Emily confronting Paige about their relationship. They basically face the fact that when Paige goes to Stanford, and Emily is left in Pennsylvania, they won’t be together anymore. Even though they are staying together until then, it’s a rather emotional conversation for them.


Now, here is where the real drama goes down. Earlier in the episode we discover that Jenna is not only back, but also that her surgery didn’t take permanently and is once again blind. The difference is this time she’s depending on Shawna to take her around instead of Toby. Spencer and Aria overhear Jenna and Shawna talking at school. They come in on the conversation pretty late, but one thing is for sure, Jenna is terrified of someone and she knows more about Ali than she’s willing to admit. Paige convinces Shawna to come to the party so she can show face for her swim coach, and she drags Jenna with her.

Jenna is eager to get out of the party and is more on-edge than ever before. When Shawna isn’t willing to leave, Jenna decides to run out on her own, even though she can’t see where she’s going. A bit crazy to be honest. Aria and Emily can’t find Spencer, but they need her in order to talk to Jenna. They go outside looking for Spencer when Emily spots something or someone floating in the lake. At first, they think it’s Spencer, but when they turn her over they realize it’s Jenna.

Luckily, they got to her in time and they actually save her life. However, they realize there is blood on the back of Jenna’s head. Someone hit her in the back of the head and threw her in the lake. Clearly, whatever information she has about Alison and “A” is more than “A” is willing to let get out. When everyone is at the hospital after the party, the liars push Shawna to tell them who Jenna’s so afraid of. We get an answer we’re not overly shocked to hear: Cece Drake. This makes me a little crazy, because seriously, Cece is roughly six to eight years older than the liars, what on earth is she messing with them for?!

I know what you’re thinking. How can there be such a wild party filled with drama and no sign of Hanna? Well, surprise, surprise Mona confessed to Wilden’s murder. While the police don’t believe that she’s telling the truth, it does provide enough doubt to finally release Ashley on bail: a million dollar bail! Hanna decides to spend the night in with her mother. We all know Mona doesn’t do anything out of the goodness of her heart, so when we see her break back into Radley, I can’t help thinking she’s rejoined the A-Team. But as always, only time will tell.

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