Suck It Up: True Blood, ‘Life Matters’


Well Warlow isn’t dead, I guess I was just being dramatic (and kind of wishing he was dead).

Then the writers used Terry’s funeral as an excuse to remind us of all the little characters they forgot to include this season. Keeping it classy, True Blood. Keeping it real classy.

Terry’s funeral also served as a place for every single character to tell a story about him, which was then depicted for us. This is the second time this season they’ve used meaningless, irrelevant back story to try to give a character’s death meaning. It’s interesting because, on a show like this, people die all the time. We’ve become desensitized to it. It’s pretty much always like that when you’re dealing with vampires. I think the fact that they’re dedicating all this time to the deaths of characters that aren’t that important to us really shows how thin the plot is this season.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Terry. But he’s never exactly been a meaty character. He is what he is, the nice guy who had a lot of mental problems from the war. He got a good woman and it helped save him. We don’t need this extra back story – in fact, it didn’t really even add anything. We already knew Terry’s background.

Most of the funeral was actually pretty nice, though. Except the parts where we could hear Arlene’s thoughts, totally ruining the raw emotion in the scene.

Meanwhile, in Naziville, Eric (hyped up on all that fairy blood he drained from Warlow) let all the vampires free and sicked them on the humans. It was pretty fun, actually. Instead of a bloodbath, the vampires got back at the scientists by treating them like the test subjects. Naturally, they made a woman run on a hamster wheel with her boobs hanging out. Cause it just wouldn’t be True Blood if she had a shirt on.

Bill came just in the nick of time and saved all the vampires from meeting the sun. Shocker. I can’t even call it anti-climactic because… there was never any suspense at all. They were never all going to die, that was so ridiculous.

Then all the bloodsuckers got high on the fairy blood and destroyed all the Hep-V infected Tru: Blood (drink, not show). And… that was really it. The Nazi plot is pretty much wrapped up, and I can only assume that the last episode of the season will be a mixture of Sookie’s personal life and set-up for the next season.

Again, this episode actually wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t exactly good though, either. My entire problem with this season is that nothing interesting is going on. The plot was an obvious metaphor that never had any real stakes. Most of the smaller characters were barely involved, and the characters that were lost a lot of their complexities. Plain and simple… it’s just stupid now. And I’m glad there’s only one more episode to suffer through.

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  1. I can’t believe I’m still watching this show. Has a TV digressed as much at this one from its first season. It’s like a completely different show. After the 3-4 episode I thought this season was improving. We had the whole Warlow story blowing up and with the addition of Niall it was generally interesting.

    After the governor of Louisiana died this season has been an unintentional comedy. If they were going to bring the blond back and least come up with a story that makes sense.

    • I completely agree! I don’t actually think I’ve even mentioned Anna Camp once in these reviews, because she seems so unnecessary and inconsequential to me. I think Anna Camp is great, but Sarah Newlin is beyond annoying and it made no sense to bring her back into the story.

      Definitely miss the good old days where the characters actually made me feel things.

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