TV Recap: Pretty Little Liars, ‘The Mirror Has Three Faces’


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it looks like we just might finally be getting the answers to some pretty serious questions. More specifically, the identity of Redcoat. I know what you’re thinking: it’s about time.

Let’s start with Ezra’s family drama. Last week, he found out that he was never listed as Malcolm’s father on his birth certificate. He decided to get a paternity test and shock me, shock me, shock me. He’s not the father. I called that one from the beginning. The big question here is whether or not Ezra’s current pain will bring him and Aria back together. I think by now, readers know that’s what I’m pulling for, but now that Jake is in the mix, there’s just no telling what will happen with Aria.

Aria’s relationship with Jake is heating up making an Aria/Ezra reunion look less likely. They’re dating and making out all over the place. She even goes to Philly to watch him compete in a regional karate championship. However, her time in Philly isn’t dedicated entirely to Jake. Caleb had traced a P.O. Box from New York that was connected to “A,” back to an actual address in Philly. Aria goes to the apartment only to discover an angry twenty-something packing up her car. Aria inquires about Cece and discovers she was a whole lot more awful than the girls had ever suspected. Turns out, Cece was kicked out of college and blamed Ali for it. There isn’t a long explanation of how it all went down, but the blame was placed on Ali and “the four other bitches” that Ali hung out with. Gee, I wonder who she meant by that? Unfortunately, it’s looking more and more like our little liars are being harassed and blamed for something they honestly had nothing to do with.

Moving right along, Emily and her mom are invited by Mrs. DiLaurentis to stay in her house while their house is being fixed. It’s pretty creepy considering all of her previous oddball behavior and the fact that Ali’s room has been turned into a shrine. Emily feels completely uncomfortable staying in Ali’s old room, but when all of her friends push her to do it hoping to use it to their advantage, she caves. Throughout the episode, Mrs. DiLaurentis is commenting on the broken furnace and finally has someone over to fix it. The repair man makes a pretty unsettling discovery. Turns out someone has been spending a serious amount of time in the DiLaurentis basement drilling holes into the ceiling so that they could spy on anyone in the house. Just a little spooky.

Meanwhile, Hanna tracks down Wren and tries to convince him to let her see Mona now that she’s been transported back to Radley. He puts on a good face while they’re talking, but the second she leaves the coffee shop he makes a phone call telling an unknown recipient that they have a problem and he’ll hold up his end of the bargain as long as they hold up theirs. Man, I want to know who was on the other end of that line. Wren also visits Mrs. Hastings, who clearly would prefer that he was not in her house. Regardless, he’s there to warn her that he knows Mona and that she isn’t to be trusted. He suspects that Mona is off her meds, and confessed to Wilden’s murder in order to later use the confession to somehow hurt the Liars. A few scenes later we find Wren making an anonymous phone call to the authorities accusing Mrs. Hastings of coercing Mona’s confession. This pretty much sucks for Ashley, because Mrs. Hastings is forced to recuse herself from the case, leaving her without a lawyer. I so wanted Wren to be a good guy.

Our final bombshell begins with Toby. Toby and Spencer are led back to Dr. Palmer looking for some more answers about Toby’s mom’s death. “A” left Toby some sheet music and they ask Dr. Palmer about the specific song. Things aren’t going as planned until Spencer starts to play the song on the piano. The song triggers a memory and the good doctor begins speaking to Spencer as if she’s Toby’s mom. As Dr. Palmer is being escorted out of the room, because visiting hours are over he calls Spencer Ms. DiLaurentis. Gasp.

Although Emily asks them not to, Spencer goes ahead and asks Mrs. DiLaurentis if she was ever a patient at Radley. As it turns out, Cece and Ali used to play cruel jokes and the one that made Mrs. DiLaurentis forbid Cece from going to her house involved Radley. She has received a call from Radley informing her that they had her daughter and she was ok, but she needed to get to the hospital. She freaked out, understandably so, and nearly got into multiple car accidents racing to the hospital. When she got there, they didn’t have Ali, they had Cece dressed head-to-toe in Ali’s clothes. That’s a pretty sick joke if you ask me. However it totally shows what Cece is capable of with no motive. Imagine what she’s capable of with one. All signs are pointing towards Cece being Redcoat and quite possibly even the person who killed Ali. Hopefully, next weeks’ season finale will answer at least one of those questions.

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