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Dissecting DEXTER: ‘Are We There Yet?’


The Scene of the Crime (Episode Summary)
Dexter helps Hannah escape Miami after killing her husband in self defense. Miami Metro begins to investigate the murder of Dexter’s neighbor Cassie. Deb contemplates going back to the force. The Brain Surgeon makes a triumphant return by killing Zach in Dexter’s apartment.

The Lead Investigator (Favorite Performance)
Hannah has been by far my favorite character over the last two weeks, which is surprising because I wasn’t a big fan of hers last season. But Vogel said something this week that rings true here: It’s amazing how two people like Dexter and Hannah have the capability to fall in love. Her and Harrison (of course) seem to be the only two people that give Dexter that normalcy in his life he’s always wanted, and that’s really saying something…

Photo Credit: Showtime/CBS
Photo Credit: Showtime/CBS

They Could’ve Spared Us These Gory Details (Worst Part of the Episode)
Haley James…er… Cassie dying (those who watch One Tree Hill understand). Though there was probably no chance of her being romantically involved in Dexter’s life, I liked her as a character, and her death may affect the rest of the series in a number of ways.

Also, I have to mention… the bloody pictures of Cassie’s murder and Zach’s brain out in the open… GROSS. The scenes with the most blood always make my stomach a little queasy. Sometimes I wonder how I’ve been able to handle this show for the last eight seasons.

The Little Thing You Loved
I loved the scene where Debra and Hannah come face to face. I think they both realized that they both have Dexter’s best interest in mind at all costs and generally feel the same about caring for him and keeping him out of harm’s way. Up until this episode, Debra and Hannah have been at odds so it’s good that they finally discovered their common ground. Maybe there’s a little glimmer of hope that these two could work together? Probably not, but one can dream, right?

The Autopsy (Thoughts on the Episode)
Whoa… who saw that one coming? Dexter better buckle down because the Brain Surgeon is still alive after all and it seems he (or she) hasn’t given up just yet. Here’s a list of possible brain surgeon candidates ranked from most to least plausible:

*Dr Vogel: Obvious choice, though there’s still a possibility that she was delivered a piece of Zach’s brain at the end of the episode and not the one who took it out herself.

*An old case of Dr. Vogel’s, like we assumed was the case in the beginning of the series.

*The lover that Cassie left behind: a possibility, but most likely not the case.

*A random criminal: A possible choice, Dexter always seems to attract the wrong kind of people

I guess we’ll have to really see next week!

Also, as far as the whole situation with Deb’s psyche is concerned, I love the fact that Deb is going back to the force, despite my secret desire for her and SPF to be together in the end. If you saw the previews for next week, you know that’s probably not happening anyway. Regardless, I think it’s good Deb’s back on her feet and I’m dying to see how she’ll handle it in the end.

We’ve got about four more episodes left, folks. How do you think the series end is going to play out? and more importantly… WHO IS THE BRAIN SURGEON?



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