Singles Party: Katy Perry, ‘Roar’


Katy Perry is such an undeniable hit machine … so when she drops a new single we, as pop culture observers, have to respond. Last week she dropped “Roar” which’ll undoubtedly become the staple for the fall radio season as well as the song that’ll score every uplifting and emotional television show and movie for the next 6-8 months.

Nick Porcaro: The mighty Katy Perry returns, but unfortunately her latest single lands with more of a whisper than what it’s named for. Although “Roar” has pleasingly bouncy verses, its chorus just feels hollow—and what IS it with everyone neglecting to write a full chorus these days? The whole “wordless percussive coca hook” thing is just done to death and another lazy attempt at instant accessibility. But maybe all this track needed was a bit more crunch: next time Katy ought to think Queen, not P!nk. Verdict: One and Done

Jason Stives: In the span of a week two of pop’s biggest acts released a new single but only Katy Perry was able to secure a proper single release. Unlike the recent work of Ms. Gaga, Perry has returned with an as always infectious single in “Roar” which despite having similarities to Sara Bareille’s “Brave” (another really good pop song from this summer) it still is rightfully her own. Is it the best single she could release? In comparison to some of the latter singles off 2010’s Teenage Dream, yes but it’s not instantly a go to sing along. It is a rather content track with an easy to remember refrain and it’s energetic rah rah lyrics definitely can lift a person’s spirits. Perhaps despite not being a real punctual single the catchy inflection of the chorus keeps it the song rotating in the back of your mind. Best single? No. However it is a solid track that should hopefully lead to another record of catchy, bubble gum numbers. Verdict: Add to Playlist


Joe Zorzi: I’ve always dug Katy Perry, so I was pretty excited to hear her new single. Overall, I have some mixed feelings about “Roar”. I’m a big fan of the beat, I think it’s really a refreshing pop sound. And the chorus is great. It does feel a bit Kelly Clarkson-ish but I like it here, and I think the “Ohs” still have that signature Katy sound. While “Roar” is catchy and entertaining, there’s not much else going on for this song. There’s a pretty big lack of a bridge and the chorus carries most of the weight. It’s catchy enough for me to enjoy it right now though, so say… Verdict: Add to Your Playlist

Bill Bodkin: Yikes. I’m no Katy Perry fan, but I cannot deny she knows how to write a damn good pop song. However “Roar” is not one of them. This is just a really mediocre song. The themes are generic, the beats are “meh” and her vocals just don’t soar or capture you like say, a “Firework.” This is a tired song that will be popular no matter what I say, which is sad because Katy Perry is a lot better than this. Verdict: One and Done.

Final Verdict: It’s split down the middle, so if you’re a Katy Perry fan, you know you’re adding this if you haven’t already. If you’re not…we can’t recommend it.

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