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Bold Box Office Predictions: September 6th-8th


Notable Openings This Weekend: Riddick


Yup, another yawner. The dust is still settling on the summer as we continue to trek through the doldrums of early September. Don’t worry…those Oscar movies will be out soon enough. Kudos to Lee Daniels’ The Butler though for continuing to remain #1 by default. Good timing I guess. There’s only one notable opening this weekend, so let’s get to it.

Vin Diesel will be able to take a break from his annoying and constant tweeting of which Marvel character he might be playing as Riddick opens this weekend, the third entry in the Riddick series. The last film was The Chronicles of Riddick way back in 2004. That did okay business I guess, and I imagine the only reason this got made is because of Diesel’s resurgence. Riddick should do fine, but I’m not sure it can even hit $20 million. The last film opened at around $24 million, but like I said, that was nine years ago.

How Will It All Break Down…

Riddick will open #1 by default, but it’s not breaking down any doors. I also see One Direction: This Is Us plummeting as everyone who wanted to see that movie saw it opening night, and that’s that. The surprising Instructions Not Included will also remain in the top five.


1) Riddick — $17.5 Million
2) Lee Daniels’ The Butler — $10 Million
3) We’re The Millers — $8.5 Million
4) One Direction: This Is Us — $7 Million
5) Instructions Not Included — $6 Million

Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen
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