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Casting Couch: August/Early September


The Expendables 3 Round-up:

Harrison Ford
Mel Gibson as the villain
Antonio Banderas

On Ford – Thumbs Down: I love Sylvester Stallone as much as the next guy, but his Expendable movies just aren’t for me. They are nothing but boring gimmicks. Part of me thinks Harrison Ford is to good for this, but looking at his career the last few years, maybe this is where he belongs. The reason I’m ultimately giving the thumbs down for Ford though is because he’ll be heavily advertised in the trailers but end up having two scenes where he doesn’t shoot or punch anything.

mel ex 3

On Gibson – Thumbs Up: For Gibson, this makes sense. Let me be very clear – Mel Gibson is someone I would never want to have a beer or hang out with, and I certainly don’t condone his off camera shenanigans. The man is unquestionably talented though as an actor and director. Doing the whole “I’m going to make fun of myself and go crazy” shtick for The Expendables 3 may be a step in getting his career back on track. I’m not sure there’s any goodwill left though.

On Banderas – Thumbs Up: Sure, why not.

On Banderas – Thumbs in the Middle: This is a solid but exciting move.

Joel Edgerton as Rhamses (Exodus):

Thumbs Up: I’m a huge Joel Edgerton fan, and this guy was actually my top pick for Batman. Edgerton playing opposite Christian Bale in a biblical epic directed by Ridley Scott…what’s not to love? I will admit though that Ridley Scott’s direction makes me a little queasy. This guy hasn’t exactly delivered the goods lately.


Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth (Macbeth):

Thumbs Up: Macbeth is one of my favorites, and Cotillard as Lady Macbeth is no brainer casting. Michael Fassbender also stars opposite as Macbeth. Sounds good to me.

Thumbs Up: Cotillard is such an awesome actress. She’s perfect to play this role.

Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy):

Thumbs Up: I don’t know much about this property, but I do know the idea of Bradley Cooper voicing a raccoon in a superhero movie sounds like a homerun.

Natalie Dormer as Cressida (The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay):

Thumbs I Don’t Know: I had to put this in here because it’s Hunger Games casting, but I don’t know the character, and I don’t know the actress. I haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet…sorry.

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman (Man of Steel sequel):

Thumbs Up: My thoughts on this can be found here. I support it.

Chadwick Boseman as James Brown (Get On Up):

Thumbs Down: Boseman was okay as Jackie Robinson in 42, but he is no where near ready to handle the James Brown biopic. I’m not saying it’s Jamie Foxx or bust, but for James Brown, you need pure charisma and power, and I don’t see that at all with Boseman. There is definitely someone better out there for James Brown.


James Spader as Ultron (The Avengers: Age of Ultron):

Thumbs in the Middle: I find myself everyday getting more distant from the Marvel universe, and this casting is potentially another reason why. I think this could definitely work, BUT if all the speculation is true about Ultron being a product of Tony Stark, I’m worried. Spader seems like a Robert Downey Jr. type casting move. So, you’re telling me the main villain in the sequel to one of the biggest movies of all time could be somewhat comedic? It’s Joss Whedon, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Ultron was another quippy bad guy. For once, can’t the Marvel universe just have an all out menacing son of a bitch who’s pure evil? Spader is a talented actor, but this is a wait and see for me on how they handle it.

Kurt Russell in an unspecified role (Fast & Furious 7):

Thumbs Down: Come on, Kurt! A Fast & Furious movie? You’re better then that. I hope they are paying you well.

Fifty Shades of Grey Round-up:

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey
Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele

Thumbs I Don’t Care: I don’t care.

Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen
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