TV Recap: The Newsroom, ‘Election Night, Pt. 1’


The Cold Open (Plot)
The ACN Newsroom tries to handle election night with dignity and grace as they wait for their fate regarding Operation Genoa. Mac begs Will to fire her for while Charlie begs Reese and Leona to accept their resignations. Don discovers Jerry Dantana is suing him for a bad employment referral.

The Lead Anchor (Top Performance)
I really love Charlie Skinner. He’s just one of those guys that you can’t help love, even when he’s generally losing his shit over something. If I could I would honestly choose him as a top performance candidate every week because I love watching what is going to come out of his mouth next.

Today’s Top Story (Favorite Part of the Episode)
Sloane mentioning Operation Genoa on air… Priceless! Sloane is queen for not thinking before speaking on air. Anyone remember her falsely translating Japanese on air last season? It was by far my favorite episode!

The Human Interest Piece (Little Thing We Loved)
I was pleased to see some more back and forth banter between Mac and Neil. It doesn’t really make sense why she’s so hostile towards him (Neil is adorable), but its funny how Neil is so willing to go along with it.

They Could’ve Buried This Lead (Worst Part of the Episode)
When Rebecca told Don that Jerry Dantana was suing him for a bad work recommendation, I wanted to shake my fist in the air and slam it on the nearest coffee table or nightstand I can find. Even when Dantana is physically not on the show, his actions make me angry. What a pompous jerk! I mean, after all he’s done, you would think he would get an employee referral from anyone outside of the Newsroom staff, especially Don of all people! Crazy!

Episode Thoughts
There were a lot of really interesting and unique episodes this season but this one week’s wasn’t a top contender. The goal of the episode was to set us up for the big finale next week and to bring in all the humor after all this Operation Genoa, but even with the laughs, this episode didn’t make me feel anything. I mean, does it really matter who stays and who goes? Is it already kind of obvious that the ACN lineup won’t change at all after this and will rise up from all of the dust and ashes?

Maybe I’m wrong about that theory and I’m not saying I’m not looking forward to seeing what happens, but I have a feeling there’s a lot that won’t be fleshed out until next summer. There was a lot brought up this season and a lot Sorkin hasn’t fleshed the majority of it out yet. I mean, are we ever going to really dive into the Maggie post-Africa psyche issue? Is Will ever just going to say “fuck it” own up to his feelings and forgive Mac? The fact that it’s been 18 episodes and they still haven’t worked out their issues is completely and utterly frustrating.

Sigh. One more to go, guys, and hopefully we’ll get a more enticing finale. I don’t think it will top last season’s but I guess we’ll have to see.

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