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Dissecting DEXTER: ‘Goodbye Miami’


The Scene of the Crime (Episode Summary)
Dexter plans to put Daniel/Oliver Saxon on his table before he goes to Argentina, but is hindered by Vogel. Quinn leaves Jamie because of his lingering feelings for Deb. Hannah goes out in public for the first time to take a hurt Harrison to the hospital, despite the fact that there’s a private investigator (and the whole city of Miami) on her tail…


The Lead Investigator (Favorite Performance)
Deb definitely gets the “Lead Investigator” nod this week. I’m really shocked as to how she is recovering so quickly after the events of last season. It almost seems like she is back to normal after the whole LaGuerta ordeal. I guess they have to wrap the series up – so elongated her post traumatic stress disorder recovery would be pointless.

I like seeing Debra go back to normal and I like that she is now adapting to Dexter’s double life. I like it even better that things are sparking up between her and Quinn again. I mean lets face it: her “loose cannon” was too much too handle, for both the characters in the show and the viewers.

They Could’ve Spared Us These Gory Details (Worst Part of the Episode)
Daniel/Oliver Saxon killing Vogel right in front of Dexter was the worst scene this season. Even worse than the toe stuff, and that is saying alot because I hate feet. This is obviously because of the way it was done (slitting of the throat, ack) but also because I was beginning to like Vogel and now she’s gone forever. It’s always the worst when that happens isn’t it?

The Little Thing You Loved
Hannah going out in public, despite the current situation she’s in, for Harrison was truly a great scene. It not only proved her love to Dexter and his family, but also showed that she was willing to risk herself for them. If Dexter still had any doubts about Hannah’s loyalty before that moment, they were washed away the moment she brought Harrison home safely.


The Autopsy (Thoughts on the Episode)
Now that I’ve had a few days to let Vogel’s death sink in, I can spend the rest of the week trying to put this all together and figure out how the hell they are going to end this series. This entire season has been a complete roller coaster, but one that consistently malfunctions weekly. I sincerely thought Vogel was going to be a huge part of our season finale, but I guess the sociopath spawn is technically a part of her, am I right?

So now that this episode happened, I’m cemented on the theory that Dexter will kill Saxon and run away to Argentina with Hannah. But who knows? Three more episodes left until we all find out!

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