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TV Recap: Dads, Series Premiere


Photo Credit: FOX
Photo Credit: FOX

Wow. Uh… wow.

Racist, sexist, and astoundingly unfunny. Dads is just one big mess of a TV show. I was offended. Not just as a woman, since pretty much all the women on the show were treated as sexy props. Not just for Asian people, either, since Asians were portrayed as people who will buy anything so long as a giggling woman in a school girl outfit is presenting it to them. (Check out this pic from series star Brenda Song)

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I was offended as a viewer. This pilot was sloppy, all the characters seemed unnecessary, and the jokes were… wait. If you say something on television and nobody at home laughs, are you making a joke? That question will haunt my dreams tonight. At any rate, the laugh track seemed to really enjoy it.

On top of the problems with the script, there just was no flow. It felt choppy, every sentence felt over the top, and nobody really looked comfortable. I’ve always been a fan of Seth Green, but there was no material for him to work with here. And Brenda Song who last year had phenomenal recurring guest roles on two of my favorite shows, Scandal and New Girl, felt like she didn’t know if she was playing a nerd or a strong woman. The answer is neither. She was just playing a pair of boobs in a sexy Sailor Moon costume.

Next week feel free to go to the gym at 8pm or cook dinner or finish that macaroni art you’ve been working so hard on! But make sure your TV is ready for 8:30pm, because Brooklyn Nine-Nine was phenomenal.



  1. I totally laughed. I’m sure it will get more polished as it proceeds, this was the pilot after all. Besides, what did you expect from Seth MacFarlane?

  2. Let me guess…you saw the commercial with the sailor scene in it, and thought misogynistic ! Then you hide it under the guise of racism. Speaking from someone who doesn’t like family guy…they could have done worse. They mostly poked fun at old white men who “dont get it” and they even reverse gender roles. They are making fun of the very thing that you accuse them of. Is it the funniest ? No…but give it some time ! At-least it speaks to our generation.

    I guarantee you that those “good ol” American comedy sitcoms with “American values” were chock full of racist, womanizing, old, out of touch men/women that they are making of on this very shows.

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