TV Recap: Haven, ‘Fallout’ (Season 4 Premiere)


Welcome back to the town of Haven, where it is supposedly never dull…or is it? The show Haven, which has returned for its fourth season on Syfy, has picked up on a rather tepid note. With a season finale that was exciting as the one they had the previous season, it was disheartening that they couldn’t find anything interesting to really run with in its season opener.


The show is about a small town where people with powers, called Troubles, live and try to maintain ordinary lives. The show picks up each week with a different Troubled person using their powers in unfriendly ways. Usually the show is exciting and you aren’t really sure what will happen, but that was not the case in this mediocre episode. Any show that decides to feature the very talented Colin Ferguson of Eureka fame is good in my eyes, but not even the good parts could make the show exciting.

Some high points in the episode were the performances of Eric Balfour, who pays one of the main leads Duke, and of course Colin Ferguson, who plays a mysterious new stranger William. Balfour’s character is a fan favorite and for good reason. He plays a character with actual depth and his comedic timing is always on par with whatever situation is happening. You root for his character, even when everyone else in the town doesn’t. Balfour is a rising star, and his performance in this show should only solidify that. Ferguson is a Syfy regular, appearing in most of the programming the network has to offer, yet he is always a welcomed addition to any show. Usually he shines in the more comedic roles, but in this show he has a bit of a serious side attached to him. Hopefully they will give him a few funny one liners, but it is refreshing to see him try new things and break the mold.


Some weak notes, however, were the performances of the supposed lead actors Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant, who play Audrey Parker and Nathan Wuornos. Their lines were delivered in robotic voices and they both appear to be a bit run down. The love the actors once had for the show seems gone and with talents such as Ferguson and Balfour acting with them, their acting just doesn’t shine nearly as bright in comparison. The side actors in the show held their own for the most part, but they had nothing of interest to say..

For a show that used to thrive on being different and exciting, it sure let many expectations down. Even the twists that were supposed to be exciting, such as finding out what happened to Audrey after she went into the barn at the end of the very exciting season three finale, just weren’t as thrilling as they once were.

The show still has its moments, but those moments need to be bigger for the show to continue to have a future. The show needs to move past all the character stories, focus on the main plot, and get back to what made Haven so fun. The show needs to bring out more interesting Troubled people and focus more on the town then what Audrey is.

Here’s to hoping the show was just trying to give the fans a summary of what has been happening in Haven since we last saw it and will continue to grow from now on. The show still has so much potential; hopefully it won’t have Troubles getting back to where it once was.


All Photos Credit: SyFy

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