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Dissecting DEXTER: The Series Finale


As I sat here thinking about how I would go about this review, my heart felt heavy. Not because I’m writing a review for the last episode of Dexter episode ever, but because this finale was so disappointing that it’s still hard to stomach it 24 hours later.

I really had high hopes that this finale was going to make it all worth it. I had hopes for this show despite its shortcomings. But this ending was NOTHING like I expected.

It’s hard to say that I didn’t see this coming though. After watching the end of last week’s episode, I knew that anything I predicted throughout wasn’t going to happen. I knew Dexter and Hannah wouldn’t wind up together in the end and it was inevitable that one or more person was going to die. Did I expect it to be Deb? No, but I guess none of us are going to get the spin off we really wanted.

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I guess on the upside I can say that it wasn’t going to be as bad as I heard or thought. It wasn’t totally the half-ass writing we’ve been getting as of the last three seasons. There was a lot of symbolism and a lot of great cinematography that the crew should be really proud of. But it’s hard to really focus on that while watching the writers quickly wrap up the plot in the strangest way.

Speaking of that weird plot, lets go over it shall we? After the shootout, Deb seems to make it out okay until a sudden blood clot leaves her in a comatose state. Dexter stays in Miami to kill Saxon (Spoiler Alert: He does … with a pen…) and to be by Deb’s side, however throughout this he comes to realize he hurts everyone he loves. So, he decides to throw Deb’s body in the ocean and ride off into Hurricane Laura (reference to Moser? hmm) on his boat, the Slice of Life. He is presumed dead by all (including Hannah) but he is actually working at some Oregon logging operation.

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Now here are the parts I didn’t expect: One – Deb to be dead, but that’s only because I heard rumors of a Deb sequel, which I guarantee I would have loved. Two, the writers to slightly twist around the end of Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises (Those who have seen it will catch my drift). Three, Dexter’s secret has not been revealed (which I thought that might happen given the previews). And finally, four, not even one media person questioning the disappearance of Debra Morgan. I mean, did they all just stop caring?

I don’t know… there was a lot of unrealistic gaps and the only way I can describe it, aside from strange, is that it was straight up lazy. There was a lot the writers could have come up with to make this last and final series equal Season 4 status. But they didn’t and it’s kind of pathetic that they confirmed that the spark never returned. But I guess what’s done is done and we can only hope there really is a flawlessly executed sequel in the works. I surely hope that if it happens, it would be centered around Harrison. Or Masuka, because really, who doesn’t love Masuka?

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