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Album Review: Arc & Stones, ‘Arc & Stones’

Written by Brendan Hourican


New York four piece band Arc & Stones have obviously taken full advantage of the past six months, because since last summer the band has put out a killer EP, toured nationally, and graduated into major venues in their hometown. The band was finally complete in the beginning of last summer after three friends from college recruited a drummer for the good old internet! After quickly getting together a quality EP, they played their first show in September and have been generating buzz ever since.


Their debut self-titled EP is 5 tracks of well written songs that can be described as blues/alternative rock. This is exactly the kind of stuff that you might find getting popular in New York City clubs. The EP has balanced amounts of pop and rock elements, mixed with gritty blues guitars that would call the city streets their home. There is a wide range of guitar sounds in these songs that go from soft acoustic strumming to loud grungy guitars that demand attention. Tracks like “She’s Mine” are reminiscent of a Stone Temple Pilots type energy and rawness. The captivating lead guitars and strong vocals are sure to garner the band a good amount of fans. Although this is the bands first EP, it is obvious that this is not their first rodeo. They clearly know the way around their instruments and know how to make them sound good.

The band shows a reckless side with lyrics such as “I don’t care if I’m addicted, the drug I need is you,” while also letting an honest and exposed side shine through with lines such as “The tears in my reflection, are the ones falling down to my feet. Don’t let me down so easy.” Standout tracks include the opening song, “Silence” with its soulful verses and big, left of center chorus. I find myself enjoying the verses as well as anticipating the chorus return throughout the song. “Let Me Down” is the stripped down ballad of the EP which uses the qualities ‘stripped down’ and ‘ballad’ exactly how you might want them to be used. A radio friendly song with a great chorus, ‘Let Me Down’ could be the band’s hit.

The band is still young, at it remains to be seen if they can bring back the power and strong vocals of 90’s radio rock back into the mainstream, but right now the band is on the right track.

They are currently touring the US to support their debut release and have launched a kickstarter for their second album.


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