The Singles Party: Best Coast, “This Lonely Morning”

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We’ve been waiting for this one. Best Coast is one of those bands it seems that everyone on Pop-Break seems to have a special place in their heart for. The duo of Bethany Cosentino and guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno, recently dropped the single “This Lonely Morning” off their yet-to-be-released EP Fade Away. The Singles Party crew examines the new track to see if it lives up to the band’s previous efforts.

Kelly O’Dowd: The song reminds me of The New Pornographers when Neko Case would take the lead vocals. And that’s a good thing. There’s something innocent here, with Cosentino singing her simple rhymes. At first, I thought it was a silly time to release such a upbeat, sunny, vaguely springtime/summer morning song since summer is very much gone now here in the States. However, isn’t that what the song about? Wanting things to be the way they were, all sunshine and uptempo and smiles. All juxtaposed with the reality of today which is none of those things. Verdict: Add to Playlist.

Nick Porcaro: Best Coast’s new single embodies the jittery, anxious frustration of vague relationships. It does so with gusto, too, juxtaposing a speedy surf beat with yearning vocals and jangly guitar lines. The song’s repetition would bring it down a notch were it not for the individual infectiousness of each section: the verse works, the chorus works and the bridge is a thing of beauty. When frontwoman Bethany Cosentino finally throws herself into the despair she’s feeling—wailing “I know I can’t go anywaaaaaaayyyyy” right into a short-but-sweet guitar solo—the catharsis is utterly deserved. This is what great pop-rock sounds like. Verdict: Add to Playlist!!!

Joe Zorzi: Well, this sounds like Best Coast. Beach rock done well. The music is pretty basic but that’s kind of their thing and Bethany’s voice sounds great over it. I dig the lyrics, super simple yet effective. I’m not really too sure if I’d listen to this again though. I mean, don’t get me wrong if someone threw the song on I would without a doubt enjoy it. But I can’t see myself choosing to put it on. I don’t know. Due to indifference, we’re going to say… Verdict: One and Done


Jason Stives: Best Coast has never been one to stray too far from the path normally circling around their signature lo fi surf rock and a narrative thread focused solely on waiting for the boy to call and the aftermath when he doesn’t. “This Lonely Morning” off their upcoming EP treads on the same ground once more but as always Bethany Consentino delivers another hook heavy track with her as always beautiful, longing vocals. It’s safe to say they have a style they will never expand upon but the band’s ability to be all sunshine and clever makes it hard to dislike their output and this track is no different. Damn, I miss warm weather already. Verdict: Add to the Playlist.

Jason Kundrath: In a sense, being a fan of Best Coast is like being a fan of the Ramones. Even if you love them, you have to admit that at a certain distance from the speakers, all of their music sounds pretty much the same. Both bands repeatedly pull from the same small bag of tricks, song after song. But they’re good tricks. And if you love them once, you’ll probably love them again and again. Careful listeners will notice subtle but significant differences that distinguish one song from the next and make certain tracks glow.

That said, from the very first bars of “This Lonely Morning” – the new single from Best Coast’s forthcoming Fade Away EP – it’s almost shocking how similar it sounds to everything they’ve done before. From that familiar tempo, to the slightly crunchy guitar strums, to the very chords themselves, the not-so-secret Best Coast formula is fully on display. But if I was slightly disappointed at first, I’ll be damned if singer Bethany Cosentino hadn’t won me over by the second chorus. As a fan and a careful listener myself, I noticed an increased power and control in her vocal, as well as a slightly different approach to her melody. And that is enough for me. If, however, you didn’t like Best Coast before, I can almost guarantee you never ever will. Verdict: Add to this playlist

Bill Bodkin: Guilty pleasure admission. I first saw Best Coast perform at Metallica’s Orion Music+More Festival in 2012 and I have been a huge fan ever since. If you’ve never listened to Best Coast before then “This Lonely Morning” is the perfect song to start with. It’s such a breezy, fun-loving song that has legit musical chops. It’s the kind of song that you don’t mind have running through your head on infinite repeat as it just inspires a warm sense of happiness and joy, despite its title. Verdict: Add to the playlist.

Final Verdict: Whoa. Almost a perfect 100% for Best Coast. We can’t recommend this enough you guys!

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