TV Recap: Scandal, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”


Every character on Scandal has an interesting story, because that’s the Shonda Rhimes way. Well-rounded characters who we get to really know and understand. You can never hate a Shonda Rhimes character, because you understand their motivation for everything they do, even if it’s evil and malicious (you know you love Mellie).

But my favorite back story is always Huck’s (Guillermo Díaz), and we got a heaping dose of it in this episode. Huck is so interesting, and putting the pieces together of his very intricate and layered past are always surprising and satisfying.

Photo Credit: ABC/Danny Feld
Photo Credit: ABC/Danny Feld

This week also we got a lot of answers that have been burning us up. Like whether or not Olivia (Kerry Washington) knew her dad was in charge of B613. Why did B613 really let Huck go and never came looking for him? When was the last time Olivia really saw her dad? Is Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) still alive?????????????????????

Hahaha, just kidding on that last one, guys. While the episode tried really hard to keep a suspense over whether Jake Ballard was okay or not, any fan of the show already knows that Scott Foley is back this season. It was done well and everything, but I was like okay I know he’s coming, GIMME SCOTT FOLEY. (I’m in love with Scott Foley). He did turn up alive, and obviously worse for wear cause he’s been in the hole for a while…but it don’t matter. He’s Scott Foley. It was beautiful.

We also got a resolution to the age old question (waiting a whole summer makes something age old, right??), who did the president have an affair with? Well, I mean, we the audience know he really has an ongoing affair with our favorite heroine, the amazing Olivia Pope. But the “American people” now believe he really did have an affair with mousy redhead from the White House. Mousy redhead gets a $2 million payoff, Jake Ballard lives, and Mellie gets some sort of satisfaction – we’ll have to wait to find out what her master plan is.

I was surprised to see how much Olivia’s father has meddled in her life. He’s an interesting addition to the cast. Before this Olivia had pretty shallow obstacles. And by shallow, I mean they were incredibly tough situations with extremely complex solutions, they were nothing Olivia couldn’t handle. Because she’s Olivia Pope. She’s the fixer. She wears the White Hat. GLADIATORS IN SUITS. …I might be part of a cult.

But getting back to the point, for the first time Olivia’s father poses a threat that she might actually not be able to get around. He’s above the law, more powerful than the President, and completely ruthless. I’m interested to see how this season will unfold now that he’s back in her life.

Notable Monologue of the Episode: Olivia’s speech to mousy redhead about what lying can do to you. We rarely get to see any weakness in Olivia, and this really showed how her choices in life have affected her. And hot damn if it didn’t make every audience member think for a second about the lies they’ve told in their life.

…Yeah. I’m definitely part of a cult.