RAW Recap: Columbus Day Edition

Here we go another stream o’ consciousness RAW recap…

Shawn Michaels has still got it. I’m glad HBK has hung it up and has spent a long time away from television. Unlike say, Mick Foley, who I am a huge fan of, Michaels’ appearances really mean something. His promo tonight was short but sweet.

I am on record for being extremely anti-Randy Orton, but hot damn is he not killing it right now. His promos are a million times better than they’ve ever been, his work is crisper and more intense than ever. So kudos WWE, you’ve made me give a damn about Randy Orton.

On the polar opposite side of things…man does The Miz suck as a babyface. I mean there was no heat at all during his match with Orton. Everything he did…crickets. Orton looked like a million bucks in this match while Miz looked like spare change.

The Wyatts save the day! Their entrance is one of the best today. I love the Sabu-esque “lights out” gimmick is awesome. Bray Wyatt’s promo about The Miz’s obsession with fame and how he stood for everything Bray hated…AWESOME. Wyatt just kills it on the mic. Also, how many wrestlers have an “outro” these days? I love the 2nd lights out and maniacal audio clip. The Wyatts are going to print money one day.

Fandango and Santino. So it’s The Honky Tonk Man vs. The Honky Tonk Man. This match was a waste of time, I can’t even remember what happened in it. I think a feud between these two will be entertaining opening card ga ga, but this is nothing to write home about. I don’t think this the feud to advance Fandango’s career in WWE. Santino is a made man, he’s got the ultimate bulletproof gimmick. Fandango, however, needs some traction. His feud with Jericho was perfect to start his run, but right now he needs to be fighting someone with more of a name. Fandango should be stealing victories from a guy like RVD or Dolph Ziggler. Oh well.

XAVIER WOODS!!!! Yes, the former TNA superstar Consequences Creed, gets put over huge on RAW. This is a really, really interesting move by WWE. They’re building awareness for a young up and comer and maybe we see him called up to the roster and he gets a push? I’ve always been a fan of Woods and his new Mr. 90s/It’s Morphin’ Time! gimmick is so entertaining. Oh and he can work his ass off.

Los Mother F’n Matadores. The bastard children of Tito Santana and Aldo Montoya are solid in the ring, but the gimmick is just so damn weird. Their theme music sounds like smooth elevator jazz. El Torito is basically the focus of this gimmick. He’s your vintage “mini” bouncing around, acting nuts…but it’s a one trick gimmick. I’m tired of hearing JBL yell “FEAR THE BULL” every second. Los Matardores AKA The Colons can work anyone and if this silly gimmick gets them over, then good for them. 3MB are The Conquistadors of the modern era outside of McIntyre, there’s nothing to write home about them. Also, is the “Ole!” gimmick an inside joke on El Generico/Sami Zayn? Way to kill a cool gimmick.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out and cut a promo.

And there was much rejoicing…yay.

In all seriousness, it’s the same promo we’ve heard a million times.

Can we address the Yes chant? I can’t believe it’s this over. Seriously, it makes no sense, but it’s one of the most electric moments of the show. Who knew one word could be so over?

R Truth this guy can’t buy a win sometimes, but he always entertains. He can wrestle, he’s a credible opponent to anyone and he can work the crowd. I loved his psychology in the beginning of the match by having him chase him around the ring to drag the time out. I can’t believe how loud the Goldberg chants are when Ryback wrestlers. Could they bring Big Bill back for a guest spot? Nah, it’d be cheesy. Ryback is starting to remind me of a modern day Hercules Hernandez/Bam Bam Bigelow. He’s a big, nasty dude who can destroy the undercard and is a credible monster for the top tier guys to fight.

THE BIG SWING IS OVER BROTHER. I can’t believe such an old school move is so over. And it’s extremely impressive and so is Antonio Cesaro. The dude is a workhorse. His leap frog double foot stomp over Swagger is amazing. Tons of Funk, their opponents…they are like the new age Bushwhackers. Obviously they have more moves than Cousin Luke and Cousin Butch, but the principle is there. They’re a comedy gimmick that the people love. I can’t believe “We the People” gets chanted so much.

Tamina Snuka is Diesel. AJ Lee is HBK. Brie Bella is Mrs. American Dragon. And I’m going to get a snack.

I love Curtis Axel. He’s not his dad (Mr. Perfect), but man does he remind me of Arn Anderson. He’s never going to be a world champ, but he’ll always be a top dude. Everything he does is blunt force trauma. CM Punk, is the man. I feel like he broke up a newer set of moves tonight, which was cool to see. I also love his intentionally crappy flying elbow drop (listen to last week’s episode of Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling to get that joke). I loved the drama of their match was Axel’s pride to be the man and defeat Punk and CM takes advantage at the last second. Great stuff!

Alberto del Rio and Daniel Bryan – a wrestling purist dream. Yet, I think ADR sold too much of Daniel’s offense. He seemed to be near death with every strike. D-Bry doesn’t need to be made to long stronger, so that selling in turn made ADR look inferior to Bryan. Outside of that, this was a strong match. ADR is damn good and has really shone in his new found heel persona. His “Si! Si! Si” was great. As for The Dazzler…the man is poetry. The ending…well, they had to try and keep ADR strong (I guess) and they had put more heat on Orton (I guess). Not a fan of a non-finish.

Interesting note…Daniel Bryan is not in the main event for the first time in a long time.

First, lemme say that I LOVE that Cody Rhodes is being put in the main event. Second, how awesome has Goldust been? He’s in great shape, he’s faster than ever and despite having the weirdest gimmick ever…people love him. Reigns and Rollins are so good together, I think Reigns has improved immensely. Holy smokes – A BULLDOG. I haven’t seen that since his days as “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes. I love the heart The Rhodes boys showed in this match. I also dig Rollins’ arrogance, particularly his taunt of Goldust. The drama in this match was great — I actually found myself rooting for The Rhodes boys. I haven’t rooted for a tag team in eons. CHAIRSHOT!!! By eliminating them from WWE TV, whenever it happens now, it turns out to be something special. BARRICADE BOMB!!! Whoa. SPEAR-A-CADE!!!! To quote Joey Styles…OH MY GOD.

BIG SHOW! This dude has never been so over. I can’t believe how much people love this guy now. I guess the WWE knew what it was doing with him these past few weeks. His “outlaw” character is really a good fit for him. I like the fact Michael Cole mentioned this was his ‘atonement’ for knocking out Dusty Rhodes a few weeks ago.

The Rhodes Boys are now the WWE tag team champs, which is awesome. I’m sure it’ll be short-lived but who cares. The Shield still looks strong as it took knock out punches from Big Show to lose the belts.

Gotta say, that main event made up for what was basically an okay RAW>

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