Interview: We Came As Romans


I always found thought of myself to be an open-minded person. I would try new food when offered and vacation to different places every year. When it came to music I listened to everything from indie rock to rap. The only music I never truly gave a chance was hardcore, metalcore, or anything that involved screaming. It wasn’t until a friend of mine made me listen to a band named We Came As Romans, that my taste in music took a drastic turn for the better.

We Came As Romans was formed in 2005 and is made up of two vocalists David Stephens and Kyle Pavone, guitarists Joshua Moore and Lou Cotton, Andy Glass on bass, and Eric Choi on drums. Together they form one of the most badass live acts currently touring. They don’t just make explosive music, they also write thought provoking and inspiring music.

Pop-Break recently had the opportunity to speak with vocalist Dave Stephens. Stephens provides We Came As Romans with perfectly articulated screams that make the band what they are.

WCAR_DouglasSonders2013-H1 Your latest album is titled Tracing Back Roots can you talk about the meaning behind the album’s title?

Dave Stephens: It’s important that as you grow and go through life, you never forget your “roots” and where you came from.

PB: You just got back from performing some shows and festivals in Europe – how does it feel to be globally recognized for your music? Also, which European country did you guys get the biggest crowd reaction from?


DS: It’s amazing and we never thought people overseas would care to see us. I took German in high school and I remember thinking “When am I ever going to need to speak German!?” And now I’ve been to Germany about 10 different times and they almost always give us an amazing reaction.

PB: What was the recording process like working with producer John Feldmann?

DS: He’s a genius. We all learned to be better songwriters and he definitely made me a better vocalist.

PB: Your music is not only very heavy, but the lyrics also have great messages. How do you find the balance of appealing to the genre while also staying true to the music you make?

DS: Making music is pointless if there is no meaning or passion behind what you’re doing. I can’t express how important it is to sing words that actually mean something to me.

PB: I recently caught one of your shows when you were touring with The Used, how does it feel being at the center and headlining a tour as apposed to being the opener?

DS: Headlining is always exciting! It’s nice because almost everyone knows the words and you’re the center of attention. Opening is also exciting because you have something to prove and have the chance to make new fans.

PB: Who are your biggest influences and did they impart any wisdom on you that has helped you in your career?

DS: Underoath was a huge influence on our band and having Aaron Gillespie sing on our new record was incredibly exciting.


PB: You guys performed on The Warped Tour this summer. How was this experience? We’ve heard from other bands that it can be a real grind, was this the case for you guys? Also, do you prefer to perform in more intimate concert venues or open-air festivals?

DS: Warped Tour is so fun but it is so exhausting. We made a lot of new fans and had some great success this summer! Both indoor and outdoor venues have pros and cons. Inside there are far less variables and outside is fun because who doesn’t like being outside?

PB: What are your plans for the remainder of 2013?

DS: Tour forever! (laughs).

All Photos CreditL Douglas Sonders

We Came as Romans comes to Philadelphia at The Electric Factory on October 30 – Click here for tickets. The band comes to New York City at Irving Plaza on October 31 – Click here for tickets.

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