TV Recap: The Michael J. Fox Show, ‘Interns’


Plot: When Mike Henry (Michael J. Fox) brings his daughter Eve (Juliette Goglia) in for an internship, his associate Susan (Anne Heche) steals her away from her responsibilities. Meanwhile, Leigh (Katie Finneran) tries to push her novel on Annie (Betsy Brandt). Also Ian tries to find employees for his barely- there business.

When I first tuned into The Michael J. Fox show for its premiere, I liked it. I found it charming and offbeat, with jokes that were adult and witty. However, tonight’s episode, entitled “Interns” felt clunky. There are moments in the show where I just don’t care about what’s going on, and a lot of the time that’s when it’s not focusing on Michael J. Fox. Hey, I even find Betsy Brandt interesting mostly, but some stuff just doesn’t work.

The main plot point of Eve being removed from her internship by Susan was not interesting, and while I think Ian has a potential as a character that I could enjoy, he really does feel like a poor man’s Eric from Boy Meets World, a type that has been done better by many others. Conor Romero (who plays Ian) really needs to throw himself into the role, but he feels like he’s just getting by.

Some of the jokes in tonight’s episode just fell flat, or just seemed to be put in for the sake of trying to make something stick. The only thing that really made me laugh was Heche and Fox poking fun at each other using Wizard of Oz as a springboard. But that was in the first five minutes of the episode.

I really hope The Michael J. Fox Show can find some kind of footing soon because deep down I really want to like it. Obviously the titular actor is the only thing bringing me back. Let’s hope that the surrounding elements start to work with him and the writing improves.

Rating: 6/10