The Collection: Jarrad Leary


Name: Jarrad Leary

The State/Country You Live In: Sheffield, England

Favorite Horror Film and Why:
Halloween (1978) – I see Halloween as a work of art, an absolute masterpiece. A movie so ahead of its time that managed to scare and shock without having to rely on an ounce of gore. Carpenter’s classic changed the game, set the horror standard high and is still as chilling 35 years later.


What You Collect:
As a horror collector I have no limits and somewhat minimal preference as to what I will bring in to my collection. I mainly collect masks, figures and movies but I’m always searching for a new piece that may be a different avenue. One of which is the Bates Motel which I built and painted.

Your Favorite Piece(s) in Your Collection or What Piece(s) You’re Most Proud Of:
I have to say the possession I am most proud of would be my silicone Freddy Krueger mask. It may be debatable but I consider it the best available worldwide. See for yourselves.

What Inspired You to Start Collecting?:
To be honest, I just have that collector in me. As a kid I always collected things. I suppose I have an addictive personality. So if I love something, I want to know everything and I want to have the best out there.


The First Piece You Acquired and When:
My first real collectible was a Don Post Michael Myers mask. Now it wasn’t great, but it was the kick start of my collection which left me wanting more.

Your Favorite Story About a Piece You Have:
It has to be my signed Jason Voorhees mask. When my collection really started getting noticed overseas, a very kind guy in from Ohio offered to send me this mask. He wouldn’t take any cash at all, he even paid the customs charge. He respected what I was doing and he knew I would display well. That I do! Very cool!

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