The Collection: Andy Gomer


Name: Andy Gomer

The State/cCountry You Live in: Iowa

Favorite Horror Film and Why: Being a horror fan my entire life I have always tried to narrow it down to one film that is my absolute favorite, but I don’t think I will ever be able too. However, I have narrowed it down to a three way tie: Halloween (Original), Cabin in the Woods, and Trick r’ Treat. I choose Halloween because even as a kid, not really knowing what was actually happening, I was obsessed with the mask and his endless pursuit for death. Cabin in the Woods is hands down the best horror film made in the past decade. Above everything that makes the film great, the script doesn’t waste a single line of dialog, and everything in the film comes from a place of love for the horror genre. Trick r’ Treat is just an all-out bloody good time that entertains non horror fans almost as much as it does long time horror fans.


What You collect: I collect figures from horror films and gnomes for a short horror film that I hope to make sometime soon. The screenplay has been done for a while now and I have 30 gnomes sitting around my room waiting.

Your Favorite Piece(s) in Your Collection or What Piece(s) You’re Most Proud of: My Predator action figures. They are SDCC exclusives that I have gotten three years in a row now. It has become a tradition.

What Inspired You to Start Collecting?: I have loved horror my whole life and these figures make me smile and remember the films I grew up with.

The First Piece You Acquired and When: SDCC ’11. I was at the NECA booth on the only day I had a badge for and knew I wanted to get something really cool to remember my first con by and it was my first Predator.


Your Favorite Story About a Piece You Have: After finding out I had written a script about gnomes, one of my friends told me she had a creepy looking gnome and asked if I wanted to use it. Not thinking to ask why she thought it was creepy I said no thanks; I figured I had enough gnomes. A week later while at work she decided that I had to at least get a look at this thing, and because of her personality, she decided to do it by scaring me. She texted me one random day asking if I was at work, I was, so she stopped out without another text. Not thinking anything of it, she apparently came into my work asked the employees where I was and set up the gnome outside my door. She knocked I came out and we chatted a bit and then after a few moments I noticed it out of the corner of my eye, and before even looking at it my body automatically took two quick steps away from the statue. Instantly, she and the other employees busted out laughing as I realize there was this gnome with blood in its beard and a knife in its hand right next to my door. Sadly, because things haven’t worked out yet, I have yet to film the short, but she told me to keep the gnome, and I currently have it guarding my room of gnomes with a baseball bat in hand.




Just a giant nerd in love with horror, 80's action flicks, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram @scarletjupiter to talk horror or just to browse the horror collection.