TV Recap: Scandal, ‘Say Hello to My Little Friend’


If you’ve been following my Scandal reviews, you must be well aware by now that I have completely given myself to the cult of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). But this week for the first time in the series, it’s like I forgot to drink the Koolaid. It was missing an intensity for me.

Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes
Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes

That’s not to say this episode was bad. It’s just that when every episode of a show is FUCKBALLS AMAZING, one just pretty solid episode seems horrendous in comparison. There isn’t even a monologue of the week because there weren’t any notable monologues. I’m not sure there even were any monologues in this episode, unless you count Huck putting Baby Huck in her place, but it was short.

This was basically a filler episode with a weak court case at its center. The cases on Scandal tend to have some sort of hook or compelling complication that have you on the edge of your seat waiting for new information or wondering how the gladiators in suits are possibly going to do right by their client. Unfortunately this week was a ridiculously clear play on the real life events of Anthony Weiner, which by this point is just old news.

Sure, Anthony Weiner never killed one of his sexting buddies, but otherwise it lined up completely. Meanwhile last season Scandal had an episode that literally predicted the NSA whistleblower. Kind of hard to swallow a rehash of old news when they’ve had plots that were practically premonitions. It ended up having a nice little twist, but I was just uninterested for the first 45 minutes.

Other great things that happened in the last fifteen minutes include Olivia and Ballard (Scott Foley) making out, Abby (Darby Stanchfield) and David Rosen (Joshua Malina) officially becoming a couple again, and Harrison (Columbus Short)- JK they never give Harrison anything to do. I kind of feel bad for that actor.

I’m sure this was just a blip and we’ll be back on track next week as the end of the episode did give a lot of setup for some quality future drama. Lisa Kudrow seems like an interesting addition to the cast. But what I think I’d really like to see is some of these Sunday dinners with Olivia and her father. He’s so interesting. Want more.

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