The Collection: Jill Ellis


Name: Jill Ellis

The State/Country You Live In: Canada


Favorite Horror Film and Why: Halloween (1978). It was one of the first horror films I saw as a child and it terrified me. John Carpenter is my favorite director and Michael Myers is my favorite horror icon. The film is perfection in my eyes. It is scary without having to use gore and it is what you don’t see that scares you most. The way Carpenter uses music and camera angles, portrays sheer terror in every frame. That Halloween music score is timeless and epic!

What You Collect: Mostly Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare On Elm Street items, as they are my three favorite horror franchises. I love ’70s and ’80s horror the most. My collection ranges from posters, signs, NECA figures, Pop vinyl figures, bobble heads, masks, books, Fright Rags t-shirts and of course horror blu-rays and dvd movies. I also collect Halloween themed items, like pumpkins, witches, skulls, and such.

Your Favorite Piece(s) in Your Collection or What Piece(s) You’re Most Proud of: My Michael Myers Halloween II replica mask from Trick or Treat Studios is my favorite piece in my collection. It was the first big horror collectible I received as a special gift, from a friend. I absolutely love it! It terrifies me just looking at it.

What Inspired You to Start Collecting: I always had a love of horror movies from a very young age, that grew as I got older. But I was never big into collecting, other than movies. Then I joined Twitter and met so many like-minded horror lovers, who had amazing collections. It inspired me! One collection in particular, your very own Ann Hale’s amazing Halloween and horror collection! She definitely inspired me to start a collage board and a collection of my own. I always longed to have a collection like the ones I had seen in pictures on Instagram or Twitter. I talked to fellow horror friends about the best places to purchase horror items online, and they gave me great ideas! So I started down the path of horror collecting and have been addicted ever since!


The First Piece You Acquired and When and Where: The first piece that started off my horror collecting, was definitely my horror collage board, that inspired me of which movies I loved most and what I wanted to collect more of.  I guess you could call it a dream board.  I put it together with special items and pieces from some of my favorite horror movies. It was the first thing I hung on the wall, in my horror room 🙂 Since then I have added to it and changed it as I go.

Favorite Story About a Piece You Have: My friend in California knew I was a big fan of Tom Savini and had the opportunity to meet him at Monsterpalooza earlier this year. They got me a personalized autographed photo from Savini himself, framed it and sent it to me as a gift. But when I received the package, there was a surprise in there! Also included with the Savini photo, was a personalized autographed photo to me, from Danielle Harris as well! Another one of my favorite horror scream queens! Needless to say, it was a great day. Both now hang on the wall in my horror room. 

You can follow Jill and her growing collection on Twitter and Instagram at @horror_junkie_




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