The Collection: Leyla Richardson


Name: Leyla Richardson

The State/Country You Live In: England


Favorite Horror Film and Why: Hostel! For me, it has every aspect of the horror genre I enjoy most packed inside of it – a claustrophobic atmosphere, likeable characters, a believable plot, great looking gore and an amazing director.

What You Collect: I collect Hostel and Hostel II related items (Never Hostel III, let’s just all pretend that that abomination doesn’t exist, okay?)

Your Favorite Piece(s) in Your Collection or What Piece(s) You’re Most Proud of: My favorite piece is probably my Hostel tattoo – the Elite Hunting logo. Considering that the club logo is something that every member in the film has to have done, it’s like I’m a secret part of it! Also, if the plot in Hostel was actually real (and legal?), I’d totally be down in Eastern Europe killing sexy girls.

What Inspired You to Start Collecting: One of the things about Hostel that I like is the artwork that comes with it. So looking more into it, I realized that different countries have better artwork on their DVD covers and then my obsession began.

The First Piece You Acquired and When: I got the first Hostel DVD (UK Unseen Edition), from my beloved HMV.


Your Favorite Story About a Piece You Have: My favorite story has to be the one behind my signed Hostel poster. Basically, when I was just starting to collect the different editions, I tweeted a picture to Eli Roth and moments later, I had received a tweet from his assistant telling me that Eli was impressed with what I was doing and if he could send me a signed poster. Obviously, I had my doubts of the authenticity behind the account, but my excited fan-girl self got in the way and immediately sent him my address.

Not more than a week later did I receive a package from him including the signed poster. This act of kindness just reassured me of how amazing the horror community is and made me love Eli that little bit more.

You can follow Leyla and her growing collection on Twitter at @sickkgirl_




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