TV Recap: Scandal, ‘More Cattle, Less Bull’


WE GOT POPED. My new favorite phrase. Ugh, I’m such a cult member it’s not even funny.

I’m happy to announce that last week’s bland Anthony Weiner-themed episode was just a blip on the amazing Olivia Pope-loving crazy train that I am most definitely a part of. This week we got some of everything:

Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright
Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright

It’s almost time for (fictional) presidential campaigns to start, and everyone is on the hunt for a campaign manager. Most notably, Lisa Kudrow’s kickass portrayal of a complex congresswoman who came into the public eye by way of chance, and has a real shot at the presidency. But she also has a secret that will shake up her family. Her little sister Candace is actually her daughter, and Candace has no idea. My favorite part about this storyline is how the Congresswoman (I’m sure I’ll learn her name at some point) didn’t care about how the scandal would affect her in the public eye, she just didn’t want it to ruin her family. But the truth came out. And very gracefully. Because… SHE GOT POPED.

Jake and Huck continued their hunt together to uncover some dirt on Olivia’s father so they have something to hold over him. I think that’s what they’re doing. Anyway, this resulted in a lot of closeup shots of Scott Foley sweaty, shirtless, muscly. Basically it was the best thing ever. They uncovered that………… Fitz killed Olivia’s mom, I think on orders from Olivia’s dad? Whatever it was… it’s gonna STIR SOME SHIT UP. We’re all gonna get Poped.

Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright
Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright

Quinn’s story arc is one of the most intense things I’ve ever seen on a TV show. We have been slowly watching this girl go from innocent, confused, and scared to intense, calculated, and scary. Quinn has been through a lot, and her relationship with Huck is what’s helped her cope with everything that’s happened to her. But now every time she’s on screen, I feel this bundle of nerves inside of me. And now she bought a gun. And just sat there. And held it. My god, Shonda Rhimes. When are these strings going to snap?

Abby and David Rosen were being super cute. And I liked it. Ugh, they’re the best.

Harrison did nothing interesting, as always.


Monologue of the Week: Mellie’s plea to Olivia to come run Fitz’s campaign. It was the least manipulative thing to ever come out of Mellie’s mouth.

If you’ve drunk the Scandal Koolaid like I have, I’m sure you’re as RIDICULOUSLY FREAKING EXCITED as I am for Kerry Washington to host Saturday Night Live tomorrow night. She will Pope us all.