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Interview: Third Eye Blind


We all have our go-to feel good songs from the past; some are more embarrassing than others … but not this time.

“Semi-Charmed Life,” is one song that will always proudly be on my rock out playlist and I’m sure I’m not the only one as evidenced by the countless cover bands that cannot seem to stop playing it.

That’s not the only hit song from Third Eye Blind, however, and it’s not the only one people keep singing. I’m not sure I’ve ever been at a karaoke night where someone hasn’t sung “Jumper,” “Graduate,” or “How’s it Going to Be?”

Yet, let’s not look at Third Eye Blind as some nostalgia act that is the soundtrack to our night out at the bar. The band, who’s about to embark on their 20th Anniversary tour, will be dropping a new album of original tunes in the very near future. It’s been a long and arduous journey to their fifth album but it’s time for a new 3eb.

It is hard to imagine a music world without Third Eye Blind but rumor has it, this next album will be the end of the road.

Fortunately for me, 3eb front man Stephan Jenkins addressed the rumors and was awesome enough to not only answer questions about the future, but also a few questions about the past and present.


Pop-Break: First of all, I want to hear about the new album! Can you give us any hints on when we might be hearing a single off the record or can you tell us when the record itself will hit stores?

Stephan Jenkins: Well thanks for wanting to hear about it! I want to hear it too, and it’s about time!! The quickest way to hear some new songs would be to go to some shows, as we’ll be trying out new songs each night. Then all I can tell you is we plan on going into the studio in one swoosh in January and birth this little baby.

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PB: Secondly, are the rumors true; is this the last Third Eye Blind album?

SJ: Ah. This requires a nuanced answer. After this album, when I write a song we’ll just release it — soon as we write them we’ll put them out. So we’ll still be making music, probably more of it. Just won’t be putting myself through the ardor, and the fans through the wait.

PB: Obviously, the band has a lot of commercial success. How do the new songs expand or grow from those successes?

SJ: I have no idea. Perhaps you can do a twitter feed and we could crowd source answers. #3ebontheroad

PB: Which of the biggest hits, “Semi-Charmed Life,” “Jumper,” “How’s it Going to Be,” “Never Let You Go,” are you most sick of playing? In the same vein, which of your hit songs, are you most proud of?

SJ: I could give “How’s it Going to Be” a rest I suppose.

PB: There have been a lot of lineup changes, especially at guitar and bass. How does the current band differ from the original lineup and how does the new lineup enhance the 3eb sound?

SJ: The new lineup sparkles with…Well sparkles really, God we have so much fun. It’s like describing light, hard to say what the new band is, but it’s where rainbows, suntans and delicious drinks with rum floaters come from.

PB: Third Eye Blind has been a band since the early 90’s, so about two decades. How much has changed over those decades?

SJ: You should know you’re interviewing a person with a stunning lack of self-awareness. So I’d be – with that said, we’ll see… What’s changed? I know Brad [Hargreaves} and I believe this band has a long way to go and we love it more then we ever have. What else? The [San Francisco] Giants have become a power house in the National League West, that’s about all I can think of.

PB: Did you ever think you’d be on your fifth official album when you started back then?

SJ: No, I did not.

PB: How is touring different now, compared to the mid-to-late ’90s?

SJ: It’s more personal now. Our crew is a pirate band of like minded individuals which is a scary thought. Because if you knew what was going on in the minds of our crew you’re only inclination would be to RUN! It’s more personal with the audience too, it’s all about community now. I like it better.

Shot / design by Albanese www.tailstar.com
Shot / design by Albanese www.tailstar.com

PB: What has been the hardest thing about being Third Eye Blind? On a positive note, what has been the best thing?

SJ: The inimitable Kate Moss taught me many things, the most important of which is this adage, “never complain, never explain, darling.” So I’ll focus on the best thing, which is, seeing the moment on someones face in the crowd where they come alive and connect with each other in the music we make. Straight up priceless magic.

PB: Have you played any new songs for anyone yet? If so, how has the response been?

SJ: Yes, oodles. I must say they’ve been well received. I think people are really gonna go deep with this album.

PB: So, if this is the end of the road, what do you want people to know, what message do you want to tell people?

SJ: This is the beginning of the road, my friend, and the message is the same. Find your people and walk like kings, and we’ll see you at the show.

Third Eye Blind will perform at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey on Saturday November 9th. Click here for tickets.



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