Bold Box Office Predictions: November 8-10, 2013


Notable Openings This Weekend: Thor: The Dark World

FOOOOOOOR ASGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!! Yea, Thor opens this weekend. So let’s just get to it.

thor the dark world poster

Even before The Avengers hoopla, the original Thor in 2011 opened at a robust $66 Million. We’re living in a post Avengers world, so naturally the thunder god is going to increase his take significantly. The reviews are mediocre, but it doesn’t matter. It’s got the Marvel brand, so we’re all going to flock like sheep. It’s no Iron Man, but Thor’s hammer is ready to smash open a treasure chest of box office.

How Will It All Break Down…

It’s not getting to $100 Million, in fact I don’t think it even reaches $90 Million. It’s going to absolutely clean up, but there’s just enough Marvel fatigue and ‘eh’ reviews to prevent a historic weekend at least.


1. Thor: The Dark World — $87 Million
2. Ender’s Game — $14.5 Million
3. Bad Grandpa — $13 Million
4. Last Vegas — $9 Million
5. Free Birds — $8 Million

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