TV Recap: Scandal, ‘Icarus’


Have you ever thought about how insane it is that we vote one person to be in charge of our country? I mean, I know there are other people helping that person (mostly from watching this show – I get all my life information from watching scripted primetime television), but still. It’s an entire country. Most people can barely run a business competently, or handle managing a shift at the McDonald’s (McDonald’s is a very fast-paced, stressful environment, okay???). Yet we vote one person to take care of the entire country. And then we put a ton of pressure on that person to appear to us to be a completely amazing and yet flawless human being.

Photo Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless
Photo Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

The entire business of politics is worldwide insanity.

On Scandal right now there are four different potential presidential candidates that we know of. Given the choice, who would you vote for?

There’s Governor Reston (Tom Amandes), who it’s safe to say is a bad guy. But the public doesn’t know that. He ran against Grant in the last election and lost (obviously). We know about his scheming and the scandal with his wife, but we don’t really know that much about his politics. We’ll probably learn more as the season progresses.

Sally Langston (Kate Burton), current vice president. A religious nut who is as far right in her politics as it gets. She kind of scares me, as all religious nuts do.

Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn), current president, can’t keep it in his pants. His wife appears cold (though we know she’s AMAZING in her heartlessness). Very attractive, though I barely find him attractive anymore because he is such a petulant man child. I think we’re supposed to assume that he’s a good president. Are we supposed to be rooting for him? Is he the person we’re supposed to want to vote for? I can’t imagine the show continuing without Fitz in the White House. But at this point in time I can’t find it in me to feel compassion for his campaign and its downfalls.

And then there’s Josie Marcus (Lisa Kudrow). A triumph for feminists everywhere. I know she’s fictional and all, but hell, if she were real I would vote for her in a heartbeat. She is human, with the kind of flaws we can embrace and get passed. She has a bit of a temper, especially when people are trying to tell her she’s not good enough at something she KNOWS she is good enough for. She is a small town girl who by chance ended up in the public spotlight, but she is strong, and strong-willed. I am so fucking in love with this character right now.

Photo Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless
Photo Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

Don’t get me wrong, Josie Marcus is no Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), but she did win me over this week. And with Olivia by her side, how are we possibly supposed to root for Fitz? I have faith in this show that it will twist in such a way that I’ll find Fitz’s victory acceptable, but right now I am sad about it’s strong possibility.

Oh yeah, they gave Harrison (Columbus Short) something to do this week. Kind of.

Monologue of the week: Josie Marcus’s feminist rant about how she is sick of all the subtext that she is a woman in the running. She is just as qualified as all the men, so screw everyone else! DAMN. That was powerful.