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The WWE-ek: Remember, Remember the 5th of November


I am not the paranoid type, but I’m starting to think WWE is watching me. Or someone there is reading my column. After weeks of pointing out various superstars absent from television yet still on their roster page, Hunico and Camacho returned to a WWE program. The program was Main Event, and they lost to The Usos… This confirms they still have jobs with WWE. On the website, there is a featured column about The Corporate Ministry, again, a stable I would imagine to be similar should The Wyatts align with Triple H and his Authority. Creepy.

Creepy is not Kane behind a mask, creepy is seeing him in a suit. Kane is now the Director of Operations. Corporate Kane. It is just funny. I am glad no one made a big deal about the unmasking, considering Kane had done this before and competed sans mask for a long time. I would imagine Kane will be more himself, as is, being more like Glen Jacobs and possibly showing off a more intelligent side which is his real personality. Perhaps the modern-day JBL?

Also, WWE.com now has a profile for Savio Vega. I remember him most for his singles career and being a hero of sorts on television. Sadly, more people remember him as part of the failed Los Boricuas stable during the Attitude Era. It was only a failure in the aspect where they all wound up jobbing. No titles held, and they never drew any reaction from the crowd. Vega, a very talented wrestler really could have been something special, but the cutthroat attitudes during the aptly named Attitude Era overshadowed Savio’s good-guy personality and ultimately never met the same success as others.

Funny how Bill thought I got the good part of RAW last week. I thought it was a struggle. Problem I am seeing is heavy focus on storylines and losing focus on talent. Daniel Bryan being out of the main event is going to hurt the program. Punk being out of the spotlight will also hurt the program. Big Show, yes, can carry the main event of Raw, but I worry he will only serve as fodder for Randy Orton. The storyline is Triple H expanding his Authority stable with the addition of Kane, and now Big Show is the sole defender of the WWE locker room. It is a little strange considering how Daniel Bryan was the one to rally the troops, now it has all been forgotten. I had hoped to see Bryan leading a stable of his own against The Authority at Survivor Series, yet it does not seem likely we will get many of the elimination-style matches enjoyed at the traditionally tag-based Survivor Series. Big Show will challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Title, Alberto del Rio will get his rematch against John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship, while the Rhodes Brothers will defend the Tag Team Championships against either The Real Americans or perhaps in another Triple Threat situation.

The Shield had a nice run, but all good things come to an end. Problem for Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns was the coming of the Wyatts. Fans these days tend to have tunnel vision. Shield came in an dominated, then Wyatts showed up a year later and did the same thing. Each trio had their own unique way of entry to the area. However, Wyatts being new and all, fans forgot about The Shield, turning their attention to something new and shiny like an infant. Harsh but true. My wrestling days had multiple stables because fans back then did not need to be treated like kids in the toy store. They didn’t need something new every six months to keep interest, we were happy with seeing good talent. We appreciated good talent.

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are likely to team to face off with The Wyatt Family, question is who will be their third man? Dolph Ziggler? Big E. Langston? I will say, a tag team of Punk and Bryan? They should call themselves Team Unstoppable. Team Tradition. Or how about…


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