The Singles Party: Action Bronson, ‘Pepe Lopez’

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Action Bronson is not your typical rapper. The mountainous former chef has become one of hip-hop’s hottest commodities, winning over hip-hop heads and hipsters alike with his sick flow and his penchant for dropping pro wrestling references in his lyrics. Okay, maybe our editor-in-chief enjoys that more than most. Recently, AB dropped Blue Chips 2, his hotly anticipated new EP. The Singles Party got together to break down the rapper’s latest.

Nick Porcaro: Call him Bam Bam or call him Bronsoliño, the Albanian-American chef-turned-rapper knows how to spit. Bronson makes mince meat of yet another bizarre sample on “Pepe Lopez”: The Champs’ “Tequila” plays victim this time, as the rapper continues a history of loose, off-the-cuff collaborations with producer Party Supplies. The first Blue Chips mixtape felt more like a novelty listen than anything and, unfortunately, “Pepe Lopez” rests squarely in the “gimmick” field as well. If Bronson had some kind of funny story to tell—hell, even if he just gave us another verse—perhaps I could recommend the track. But he didn’t, so I won’t. Verdict: One and Done.


Matt Agosta: I’ve always been on the fence with Action Bronson. Sometimes he’ll have a really dope feature like the one on Mac Miller’s latest album, and then I’ll hear a track like this, super boring. He’s not saying anything that really captures my attention and this beat did absolutely nothing for me. He’s not telling some sort of story, not rapping his ass off, but kind of just there on the beat. I mean it even sounds like this track took about 30 minutes to finish. For someone who’s clearly on the come up I’d like to see a little more intensity and heart in these tracks, but it’s just not there for me. I really want to like this guy since the rest of Hip-Hop seems to love him, but if anything this track has made me diss like him even more. Can someone please get this guy with Alchemist again?! Verdict: One and Done

Jason Stives: Action Bronson is relatively new to me musically but his reputation over the past year has preceded himself. The NYC chef turned rapper has been a bit of a target for his blunt Instagram actions, in concert controversies, and implied misogynistic EP covers. But, the guy has developed some chops in the Hip Hop community. With a new mix tape out choices will either be questionable or praised. “Pepe Lopez” is a short spurt that never really has time to sink in. At less than 2 minutes the song which uses The Champs’ “Tequila” as its background comes off a bit lazy and underdeveloped. Using “Tequila” is not an issue because it somehow works within a rap song but it also comes to the forefront far more than the lyrical content. A sample is a sample but when it overtakes the intent of your own work you clearly failed and I feel that is what we have here. Too short to be a party favorite or part of a playlist and too unoriginal to back some form of credibility. Verdict: One and done

Bill Bodkin: From the little I’ve heard from him I dig Action Bronson. I think he’s got a crazy and engaging flow and his lyrics are pretty entertaining. With that being said…his track “Pepe Lopez” off his Blue Chips 2 EP is extremely disappointing. It’s got an infectious beat and sample but the whole thing goes off the rails half way through as he seems out of sync with the beat. Then…song over. It’s such an abrupt end that it’s jarring. I cannot recommend this Action Bronson track, but I do suggest giving the artist a shot if you’ve never listened to him before. Verdict: One and done.

Final Verdict: It’s a 100% thumbs down for Bronsolino’s latest.

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