The WWE-ek: The Crazy, The Random, The Survivor Series


Anybody catch the teaser? Not for Doctor Who, but on Raw when The Wyatts and The Shield came to blows? If not, head on over to and check out the short brawl. Does it mean WWE creative has a new direction for Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose? Never can be sure. At point dissension was teased among the self-proclaimed Hounds of Justice, but now with a potential stable war I would hope the higher-ups see the bigger potential a feud between factions would have. Listen to the crowd at the end of the video. The fans want it, I want it, let’s have it!

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as a tag team? As much as I love the Rhodes Bros. as a championship tandem, they might as well hand over the straps now because we all know Punk and Bryan are the best in the company right now. If WWE does not have much for former ROH champs to do, then yes please, keep them as a team. I would rather see both men vie for major championships before the year is out, but it feels like WWE had enough of Bryan’s uber-popularity and they are running out of ideas for CM Punk. This is one of those times I wish I was very wrong. The Bryan vs. Authority angle was brilliant and executed perfectly. All of a sudden, Bryan is out of the WWE Championship picture while Big Show takes his turn at Randy Orton, who all of a sudden is portraying someone in the doghouse.

Speaking of doghouses, Ryback must be in one. Losing in bizarre fashion to R-Truth, seriously, a rollup, out of all things, the former Hungry Hippo is the next King Kong Bundy. Yeah, you do not want to revisit his run during the 90’s. Again, either WWE has run out of ideas or some crazy-ass scheme is in the works. Only a year ago did he battle CM Punk for the WWE Championship in Hell in the Cell and almost win. This year he got creamed by Punk. Ryback is going back to NXT or maybe a big swerve is going to happen. Yeah, him and Curtis Axel as a tag team? Sure, let me go find Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell. That duo worked out real well.

Noticing this week’s theme? Crazy. Random. Running out of ideas? The roster is as overcrowded as it was during the heights of the Attitude Era and a few months after WWE acquired WCW and ECW. There just was not enough room on television for everyone. Yes, WWE has their B and C shows (Main Event, Superstars) to showcase other talent, but without anything to draw like a storyline or a championship for those programs (TV Title anyone?), only the hardcore will tune in to watch Yoshi Tatsu vs. Curt Hawkins. Many wonder when the next NXT recruitment drive will happen, but I can tell you, not for a while. RAW and SmackDown, the main roster as a whole is chock full of talent, GOOD talent too. So it is very unlikely WWE will risk losing more major players in a huge shuffle. Why else have stars such as Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, and others either vanish off television or show up only to job to the new trendy flavor? Big E. Langston is getting his push, but it won’t last in 2013, and if he will get pushed, expect 2014 to be his year.

Survivor Series is nearing, and it is looking more and more like this could be a no-tradition year without any Elimination-style tag matches. Disappointing, but hopefully WWE can make it up with a solid card.

What we have so far:

Alberto del Rio vs. John Cena – World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show vs. Randy Orton – WWE Championship
CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. Rowan & Harper of the Wyatts

Three matches and less than 10 days away. I do not know what is planned for the rest of the lineup, but hopefully we get at least one good ol’ traditional Survivor Series match.