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Pop-Press: Sink Tapes Release New Single


Hub City’s prolific and consistently excellent Sink Tapes continue to prove themselves to be one of the coolest bands in New Jersey and maybe the planet.

Whether crafting perfect and profound rainy day music on this year’s Mattress Cowboys EP or refining their heady blend of shoegaze, indie-rock, and bedroom-pop on their most recent LP, How You Mean (Mint 400 Records), Sink Tapes, are officially one of NJ’s best kept secrets.

And while we anxiously await the 7″ vinyl release of the Mattress Cowboys EP (courtesy of Don’t Live Like Me Records), the band has given us something special to hold us over in the meantime.

“Nightmail”, their latest single, is a unique artistic work. The culmination of a project that began several years ago – 1936, to be exact – this song features new music from Sink Tapes set on top of selected audio from a documentary film entitled Night Mail which prominently features the spoken word poetry of W.H. Auden and additional music by composer Benjamin Britten. Confused? Just listen and let Sink Tapes transport you to another reality for a few minutes. It’s worth the trip. Plus, the artwork should be a poster, and it should be on my wall.


You can check out the full audio/visual experience here:

Bonus: this track also seems to indicate that the British invented rap music. Just saying.

Catch the band live this weekend:

Friday, 11/22: 16 Walnut, Binghamton, NY
Sunday, 11/24: The Banana Stand, New Brunswick, NJ


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