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Holiday Horror: Thankskilling 3


If you read my review of Thankskilling, you know that it’s a ridiculously fun movie about a killer turkey attacking people on (this should go without saying) Thanksgiving. Now I bring you Thankskilling 3.

“But Ann, what happened to Thankskilling 2?” I’m glad you asked! Apparently it took place in space and was so bad that all copies were destroyed except one. Turkie, who is furious that his film will never be seen, will stop at nothing to get that final copy of the film, which has been dubbed “The Worst Film Ever Made”.

While the first film took place in the human world with Turkie being the only puppet, now the film is pretty much entirely about puppets. This time they are taking a Meta route by showing us how Turkie lives outside of the film, which is pretty much exactly how he lives inside of the film-killing people.

Now there are new characters including a female puppet heroine who has no brain, Turkie’s son, a talking trash bag, a worm, a robot, an old woman and an idiot in a wig. Not one of them is funny or useful in any way.

While Thankskilling was fun to watch because it was so stupid, Thankskilling 3 was torturous. I barely made it through the first ten minutes. The first film was aware of its stupidity and simplicity and was hilarious because of it. This time they ran away with it, trying too hard to look like they weren’t trying so hard. I am pretty sure they didn’t actually want people to make it through the entire hour and twenty minutes because they went out of their way to make sure this was the most obnoxious piece of crap ever put onto film. I was forced to skip past entire parts of the movie due to ridiculous conversation and useless one liners that they thought would make the film funny. They failed.

I made two attempts to finish the film and couldn’t do it. If I tried any longer, I would have put my head through the TV.

It is doubtful to me that Thankskilling 2 would have been the worst movie ever made as this one clearly takes the title. In fact, Thankskilling 2 looks like it might have been funny so they really should have made that one instead. Skip this piece of junk and watch the original instead. At least you’ll be entertained.

Ann Hale
Ann Hale
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