TV Recap: Nikita, Season 4 Premiere

Written by Asia Martin


Last week, Nikita returned to CW for its fourth and final season. CW announced the news in May of this year and after watching the first episode of Season 4, I’m having a hard time seeing why this show is ending in only six episodes.

The episode picked up with Nikita (Maggie Q) still on the run from being America’s most wanted after her supposed assassination of the President of the United States in season three. Nikita went rogue on Team Nikita (who has headquarters in an aircraft, by the way), leaving them behind to be safely tucked away in hiding from Amanda (Melinda Clarke), while shepursued esteemed journalist Dale (played by Todd Grinnell) who works at Equinox News Network (ENN), to clear her name.

Unfortunately, Amanda was a few steps ahead of Nikita and the pursuit turned out to be a trap. Nikita ended up being spotted, taking Dale hostage and then going viral thanks to modern technology. Luckily, that technological glitch in Nikita’s plan created a loophole in Amanda’s plan and Team Nikita and her former teacher, Michael, intervened.

Just when matters looked like they were getting better, it turns out Amanda’s influence reigns high on the FBI’s totem pole and stretches out globally with her partnership with The Shop. Amanda’s abilities is a great example of why the public fears giving so much power to one person, especially when the person looks like the Devil wearing Prada.

While the men are helping Nikita, Sonya (Lyndie Greenwood) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) are on a separate mission staking out a human trafficking deal. The stakeout goes awry when one of the trafficker’s goons sniffs out Alex and she is forced to take action, which ended with a pile of bodies and two men escaping. The plot thickened even more when Owen, the man who betrayed Nikita last we saw him in Season 3, appeared with a gun to Alex’s head.

As we cut back to Nikita, she is wandering the streets with a bullet wound in her arm, her getaway car is crashed, and Team Nikita have lost contact with her once again. On top of that, Dale may be dead and the FBI agent everyone trusted is one of Amanda’s goons. If only Nikita could fuse with Scandal, then all would be action-packed dramatic gold in TV land.