Album Review: July, ‘What We Signed Up For’

Written by Brendan Hourican


While some people in the states might think that pop-punk is dead, these Canadians are sticking it to the nay-sayers with their fast and fun tunes. July is the band, and they have been pushing out their brand of pop punk since 2010. Their latest effort, “What We Signed Up For,” will be exactly what you sign up for. The album, released by TDR records, is jam packed with fast riffs, fun melodies and tongue and cheek lyrics, the perfect recipe for a quality pop punk album. With guitar sound and energy that resembles Four Year Strong, these songs don’t get boring to listen to. They are equal parts catchy and fun, almost funny at times.

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The song “Dance, Shuffle, Move Your Feet” proves to embody the band’s sound both in its title and content. The album has some angsty and dark lyrics in some songs like “Secret is a Sleazy Word” and some happier playful lyrics, like in “West Coast Pimpin’” and “To All The Kids.”“Right Here For You” starts off a little different than most, which is a nice change of pace. Most of the songs start with an aggressive and pounding riff on the low strings, but this bright riff is refreshing. It makes me think that there are too much of the other though, which is something that might wear down on a repeat listener. Dance songs, singalongs, and anthems, this album has exactly what any pop punker needs. Throw in an acoustic ditty and a few short interlude tracks, and the band looking for some pop punk extra credit.

The production on this album stands out as almost its own instrument. There are so many studio tricks that keep you guessing what you might hear next. I personally prefer the less is more approach to pro tools tricks, but I could understand why all these flashy parts could catch the ear of people who have heard what a guitar sounds like a million times.

July have been a busy band lately, playing shows with We Are The In Crowd and Hit The Lights, as well as joining the Warped tour for a few dates. Obviously a bunch of hard working guys, keep an eye out for them on the next big pop punk tour. Meanwhile you can buy their album “What We Signed Up For” on iTunes here.

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