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TV Recap: Bonnie & Clyde


I have a passion for television so much so that even when something looks like it’s going to be terrible, I feel like I have to watch it. At least once. Usually three times, just to be able to say I gave it a real try. I’ll watch anything to be able to have an educated opinion about it. So back in September when Witches of East End premiered on Lifetime, I thought, “Wow. That looks bad. I must find out how bad.” And to my surprise, it turned out to actually be amazing. It was in that rare category when the ads for a show just don’t do it justice. Plus the label of “original Lifetime show” wasn’t really helping its case. But indeed, I’m ridiculously obsessed with Witches of East End, jokingly calling it my favorite show. I am practically having a conniption over the fact that there is only one episode left this season.


But you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all this, right? Cause, this is a review for Bonnie & Clyde. JESUS, I am getting to that. Watching WoEE every week, I began to see commercials for “Bonnie & Clyde.” A LOT of commercials. In fact, for a solid two months now if not longer, every single commercial break during WoEE played the same minute-long ad for B&C. And I was enamored by it. The costumes, the drama, the fast action, and most importantly that song. Hot damn. I didn’t even care when the show actually aired, I could listen to the song from the commercial on repeat for the rest of my life.

Then the advertising extended. B&C ads on the subway. B&C ads on the bus stops. I went to see Catching Fire and I saw a commercial for B&C. My neighbor’s cat even told me to watch it. And they’re simulcasting it on THREE channels?? This thing must be good.

I tell you this story because it’s an example of how good advertising can really lead you astray. I watched exactly one hour of Bonnie & Clyde, on Lifetime (in place of my beloved Witches of East End, might I add), and I was bored out of my mind. I turned it off, knowing a full second hour followed, and feeling absolutely no remorse.


That’s really all I have to say about it. It was boring. The story might be interesting, and it’s entirely possible the second half of tonight’s installment or tomorrow’s conclusion would have a lot more going for it, but that doesn’t really matter if you can’t get your audience to stay for that long. I was promised something action-packed and dramatic with a hella good soundtrack. What I got was story told only through exhibition, with long pauses seemingly only to fill air space in between.

Well, I guess I don’t know what I expected from Lifetime. I got too comfortable after my favorite show Witches of East End turned out to be the best thing ever. A fluke, it would seem.

It’s really too bad. I’m really going to miss hearing that song every commercial break.


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