Web Series Review: But I’m Chris Jericho! (Ep. 4-6)


If I told you this is turning into a pretty damn funny web-series, you wouldn’t believe me, but I’m Michael Dworkis and he’s Chris Jericho. I have nothing to do with this show, but I wish I had. The slow start wore off and the funny barreled right ahead in the fourth episode of the series. To recap, the first three episodes introduced us to his slob of a roommate, a disheveled agent and his assistant, and Colin Mochrie. Chris takes a leap of faith at the behest of his roommate, and attends an acting seminar by the so-called acting great A.J. Mirken played by Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall, Hannibal, The Larry Sanders Show).


Mirken picks on Jericho as the newbie, and offers him a chance to shine. While the spare audience look on with disinterest, Mirken brings a lovely lass to assist Jericho become more comfortable, which only creates more discomfort. Mirken is likely having one of his fantasies acted out, while Jericho plays the reluctant yet willing student. Ryan the Roomate says almost nothing but yet his facial expressions throughout the episode compliment the sheer insanity ensuing in front of him, quite the contrast against the deadpan reactions from the others in the audience. The supporting cast produces the comedy very well, hopefully some of these characters return for future episodes. Let’s just say this episode turned into a family affair, with affairs being the operative word.

The next episode takes a turn of a different sort, Jericho feeling frisky decides to hit on the girl auditioning for his opposite female lead. The casting director from episode two returns, who has the two hopefuls fulfill some of her fantasies as well. There is a lot of kissing, grabbing, and of course, once Jericho gets what he wants, something catastrophic causes him to regret his childish antics. The episode feels longer than it actually is, likely because some of the jokes are drawn out and the point is made just a few minutes in but beaten to death a few minutes later. It is the usual over-the-top antics for this one, which took away from this episode. Instead of the repetitive jokes, interactions with other characters would have been a welcome change. I am just glad Dr. Isaac Yankem didn’t show up.

But I’m Chris Jericho is not always a justifiable answer, as evidenced by the sheer insanity which unfolds in the sixth episode of the series. Chris brings a hot tamale of a date back to his place, however his roommate Ryan was under the impression it was Battle Royale night and invited his weird female next-door neighbor, Chad. Yes, she. In any event, bad things involving a chair, various condiments and a reminder of knocking out helpless people with chairs is his standard M.O. After much panic and reminders of how useless Jericho is outside a wrestling ring, he allows his roommate and creepy neighbor to help revive his date. The back-and-forth banter is pretty funny, but the creepy neighbor is a bit too dumb for this role, she didn’t have to be that stupid, but in some way it fed to the straight-man routine from Jericho trying to make sense of a senseless situation. By the episode’s end, roles are reversed and pathetic pity reigns champion.

Coming up next, Jericho may finally get his big break in acting, but has some pretty steep mountains to climb. It’s an uphill battle to ascend the ladder of success, and if I use any more “reaching higher” clichés, I might need to check myself back into the hospital.

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