TV Recap: Cougar Town, Season Premiere



What can I say about the Season 5 premiere of Cougar Town that hasn’t already been said? By me. About how great this show is. Five years ago when the show started, it wasn’t that great. But there was something about it that made me want to continue watching. And then around episode 6 or 7, the drive to continue watching paid off when Bill Lawrence and his team of writers realized that the part of the show that wasn’t working was the… title.

Photo Courtesy: TBS
Photo Courtesy: TBS

For the few episodes at the beginning when Courtney Cox played Jules the cougar, man was that painful. But then she stopped being a cougar, the show started making fun of its own name, and it began to form into a wonderfully hilarious cult classic.

Once it found its stride, Cougar Town became a show about a tight-knit group of winos who make up their own words and phrases, decide on their own rules for society, and have perfect setup for all of their jokes. Basically, everyone in their right mind wishes they were part of the cul-de-sac crew, and on top of the constant laughter, that’s what will bring you back for more.

I won’t say Season 5 started off exactly on par with the rest of the series, because it didn’t. I would say I had side-splitting laughter for about half of the episode, but there was a weird element where two of the characters are now finally a couple and the way the show chose to deal with it was hella awkward.

Photo Credit: TBS
Photo Credit: TBS

But you know what? That happens. And any show with five seasons under its belt is allowed to have an episode that’s not quite up to par. I have every confidence that this show will land back on it’s feet. And if I’m wrong, I found out tonight that even on it’s worst episode Cougar Town is ten times better than most comedies out there. So who cares? Just watch it, drink your wine, play your penny can, and enjoy being a cult follower like I am, ya movie slut.

Thank you and good night.

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